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Our company give the Thermage treatment - AI Beauty Clinic

Our company give the Thermage treatment - AI Beauty Clinic
The Thermage UK procedure offers a non-surgical facelift choice for persons seeking a method to
firm or tighten aging and injured skin. Thermage uses a radiofrequency device to inspire collagen or
eliminate fine lines or wrinkles or bring around a more youthful facial appearance. Through the
Thermage process, the top layers of the skin are threatened with a cooling spring although the
Thermocool-wand temperatures the skin's collagen with radiofrequency liveliness. The heat
constituent acts upon the skin’s lower layers which in turn reasons the skin to directly tauten.
This process is completely safe, but the greatest people will need some type of pain-blocking and
relief to get through it securely. This can be complete with numbing cream and some patients may
appeal to intravenous pain relief. You can converse this issue with your doctor, then if you have
practical tolerance for pain the cream should be passable to become you through your Thermage
treatment securely.
The Thermage flx UK process is an outpatient process that typically takes 15 minutes to an hour
based on the level of the area being preserved. The feelings felt during the Thermage process are
frequently described as a rapid, deep heating impression. To confirm comfort or protect the skin the
Thermage procedure repeatedly utilizes a cooling spray through the entire process.
Thermage organizers describe the procedure as a painless, rapid, deep heating sensation. The
patented ThermaTip wand, which is cast off to apply the radio frequencies, uses a cool spray to both
keep the surface of the skin, as well as to offer comfort to you. Some patients who have experienced
the Thermage procedure have described mild pain felt at first, then rapidly disappearing. Patients
are frequently given a mild pain reliever to ease any distress.
Thermage works by inspiring the collagen fibers with harmless radio frequency skills. This inspiration
promotes the health or growth of collagen fibers, constriction of the skin, or reducing wrinkles.
Thermage can be achieved on most areas of the face, thus the quantity of time the process will take
differs. The more skin area to be enclosed, the longer you can imagine the procedure to take. For
example, just doing your eyes should earn you a half hour or less but you could be in the chair for an
hour, without doubt, you are doing your braveries or eyes.
For more information on the Thermage treatment, visit our site: and feel free to contact us: 02088636880