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Top 6 Fact About Herkimer Diamond Jewelry

Top 6 Fact About Herkimer Diamond Jewelry
The Herkimer Diamonds are beautiful and double terminated crystals. They belong to the
quartz family and are found in New York. Thismagnificent crystal has its presence for
many years and is considereda precious gift from nature. This is not the exact diamond
but isvaluable in its own sense. The Herkimer quartz crystal is gorgeous towear in the
geometrical shape, which mainly attracts jewelry makersworldwide.
As a Wholesale Gemstone Manufacturer and supplier based inIndia, we are
successfully serving the quest of our ever-growingclients. And we’ll take you through the
top six facts about Herkimerdiamond jewelry.
The name given to Herkimer diamonds has got its relevance from Newyork’s
Herkimer country. They look brilliant in jewelry, as thiswatery-based gemstone
showcases the eighteen-sided, terminated form.This gemstone is also called a
misnomer, and this term refers tothose things which are incorrect or inappropriate
to relate withsomething. And the Herkimer diamonds are not the original
diamondsbut quartz crystals that locals have widely used after theirdevelopment.
Diamond is catchy enough than quartz, which makes itone of the most talked-about
stones of the town. However, thecharacteristics of Herkimer are unique in
themselves and cannot becompared to any other gemstone.
The history of the Herkimer diamond is very intriguing, especially forthose who
have purchased this stone many times and are regularlyselling it. It was discovered a
long time back, at the bottom of thesea, almost 500 years ago, to be precise. This
material was laterformed into crystals, stored as an organic material, with pyrite
andquartz sand masses. All of this is preserved in the rocks that arecomposed of two
carbonate minerals, calcite, and dolomite. Afterthis silt covered the stone, which led
to a higher temperature,quartz came out slowly and grew in the form of quartz
The inclusions in Herkimer diamond are solids( mainly hydrocarbonmaterials).
They vary in size and range from small to micro sizeparticles. These eye visible
particles provide a smoky color toliquids and gases ( carbon dioxide). The typical
mineral inclusionin Herkimer diamonds is pyrite, sphalerite, dolomite, calcite,
andquartz. They are found in fields and sediments. The discovery ofthis gemstone
enthused people to experiment with somethingextraordinary. Earlier it was used as
amulets, tools, and to trade.
Although New York is known for its Herkimer diamond, but thesedoubleterminated quartz are found in various other places likeFrance, China, Pakistan,
Canada, and others. They are prettyidentical in looks, but it’s not right to call them
pure Herkimer’s.Also, they come 7.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which makes
themstrong enough to be used in jewelry. And it’s not always about theclarity in
Herkimer, but it’s also related to form. A perfectHerkimer diamond requires an
ideal form. They come in a variety ofcolor range that varies from clear, smoky,
white, golden, golden-redto champagne color.
When it’s the matter of sparkle and clarity, then Herkimer diamonds comefirst in
the mind of every retailer. Every mineral collectors wishto get them. They are highly
praised for their natural beauty andhealing benefits. The power of the Herkimer
diamond strengthens bodyimmunity and works well on the physical, mental, and
spiritualbeing. It promotes the proper flow of energy, thus ensures thelongevity of
life. This gemstone is powerful in restoring the lostpower and aids several problems
in the body with ease. Be it anyeye-related issue or heart problem. The Herkimer
would never fail toamaze you with its incredible powers. It indeed helps in the
smoothcommunication between two people and brings them closer to eachother.
You won’t believe it, but the most attractive aspect of thisgemstone is its purity and
chakras balance. It effectively works onthe eye and crown chakra to keep an
individual sound and safe.
The demand for Herkimer diamond jewelry is booming due to theinclusion of
holistic properties and its flattering look. It’salways fun and beautiful to wear the
Herkimer diamonds in the formof rings, pendants, earrings, or any other way to give
yourcustomers an everlasting look for any particular day. It can also beworn every
day due to its toughness and shimmery appearance. So it’shigh time to refresh your
inventory with something unique andbeautiful.
The value of Herkimer diamonds must not be as high as the originaldiamonds. But they
are exceptional in terms of their powers andfeatures. And we, at Rananjay Exports,
understand your love for thisgemstone and believe in giving you the best Wholesale
Herkimer Diamond jewelry. Wehope our alluring craft and information reach out to
you in the mostconvenient way!