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Interesting Case of the Petite Bourgeoisie

Interesting Case of the Petite Bourgeoisie
As for the representation of the stars, there is agreement over the understanding of the big star on
behalf of the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Once it comes to the smaller four stars,
one opinion projects them as a representation of unification between the people of China under the
party's talented leadership; there is another confidence stating that they mean the social layers of
society including the 4 classes, specifically the workers class, peasants' class, the 小資 or patriotic
There is a strong comparison between the flags of the People's Republic of China or the Republic of
China. This comparison at times makes mistakes in the mind of a spectator concerning the
individuality of the respective flags. Although the former represents the Chinese flag, the last
belongs to Taiwan. The similar colors of the two flags or the like positioning of the design on the top
left-hand corner are two structures contributing to the confusion.
Numerous petty bourgeoisie women's enthusiasm for bags can be defined as just "insane". They
shop for fashion bags as often as they eat, worry around the delay of the new comings and so on.
With admiration to commerce, designers are now transmitting the idea that your bag or clothes are
an organic whole. Although they design clothes, they work out bags of numerous styles to score you.
Certainly, they're rather successful in business. You can see lots of women take enjoyment in
collecting entirely kinds of bags objective like stamp collecting, the more whole, the well.
The representation of the flag of China is rather interesting. The large gold star is believed to look
like the leadership of China's communist party, although the four smaller gold stars are said to
characterize the four chief Chinese social classes which are the farmers, the workers, the petty
bourgeoisie, or the capitalists. The stars are supposed to be gold to characterize the skin color of the
Chinese people, or the flag is red to denote the socialist government.
The story goes like this: a group of six bourgeois friends repeatedly effort to enjoy a meal together,
only to be determinedly interrupted by some departure related to sex, dreams, and death. The film
contains an amassment of violations that serve to represent the corruption or superficiality of the
upper class. This is the main thesis on which the film is based, thus it should come as no surprise that
Buñuel decided to end the picture with his characters limited in this useless state of reality.