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Stages and Treatment of varicose veins

Stages and Treatment of varicose
Large and twisted veins that appear dark blue or purple in color are varicose veins. A
varicose vein is a medical condition not just an aesthetic issue. It requires timely treatment.
These are mostly found in the legs and they appear due to the excessive pressure on the legs.
According to vein clinic near me, pregnant women and people with overweight are more
prone to develop a varicose vein.
Initially, you may take the symptoms of varicose veins casually as they are not much
prominent. As soon as you notice the symptoms of varicose veins you need to seek vein
treatment. Leaving varicose veins untreated and delaying treatment can cause major health
issues in the future. With each stage, the symptoms of varicose veins keep getting severe.
Stages of varicose veins
Stage 1- You may feel mild pain at the initial stage of varicose veins. The legs appear
swollen and turn dark in color in the first stage. It may be possible that some people
experience intense pain from the first stage. Symptoms of first stage varicose veins as:
Aching and pain in legs
Burning sensation in legs
Varicose veins get inflamed
Stage 2- The inflammation and swelling in the legs and in the ankles increases in the second
stage varicose veins. According to vein specialist manhattan blood starts to pool in the legs
in the second stage. This results in heaviness and pain legs in this stage. The various
symptoms of stage 2 as follows:
You can feel numbness in the legs
You can also feel pain while walking
Stiffness in the ankles
Stage 3- Skin started getting discolored around varicose veins in the third stage. This skin
turns leather-like in texture and appears dark brown in color. The skin of the legs becomes
irritated and itchy along with discoloration. This results in intense bleeding and cracking of
the skin. At this stage, varicose veins become quite severe and need immediate varicose vein
treatment. These are some other symptoms:
Skin ulcers in legs
Hard skin around legs
Pain increases in the legs and in the ankles
Stage 4- Skin ulcers turn to more severe in the fourth stage of varicose veins. Due to the
insufficiency of blood circulation in the legs skin ulcers formed. These ulcers keep reopening
and do not heal. On reaching stage 4, you shouldn’t ignore the symptoms as they get more
severe. You need to seek vein clinic manhattan as soon as possible to get the best treatment
possible. Other symptoms of stage 4 varicose veins are:
Burning and swelling of legs at an extreme level
The skin of the legs gets discolored
Open sores on the legs and the ankles that are more painful
Treatment of varicose veins
The best option for the treatment of varicose veins is laser treatment. It takes a minimum
time of 30 minutes to complete. In laser treatment, there are no cuts and wounds involved.
You can choose vein treatment in manhattan for the best laser treatment.