A Dental Crown To Support Your Tooth

A Dental Crown To Support Your
What is a dental crown?
A tooth crown is one device that a dentist may use to support an unstable tooth. These
devices are similar to caps as they completely cover the oral structure beneath them. Not
only can this make a weak tooth stronger, but it can also improve its appearance.
Dentists work hard to make sure that crowns fit well and look as natural as possible. They
are made of a variety of materials for a multitude of purposes. Patients must realize that
they're permanent devices that can't be taken in and out such as Invisalign aligners, dentures,
bridges, or retainers. Crowns are cemented into place and will stay attached unless a Dentist
near me removes them or something breaks the bond such as chewing on caramel or beef
Materials they're made out of:
These caps are made from porcelain, ceramic, gold or some other type of metal combination
referred to as alloys. The metal versions are quite strong but don't look as natural as the
porcelain or ceramic types. Quite often, a person might opt for the ones in a natural enamel
color for those that are visible such as the front portions. The molars or other hidden back
teeth might be made of stronger but less natural-looking materials. You can discuss your
option with an Affordable Dentist Near Me.
Why need dental crowns?
There are various reasons such as:
Cosmetic reasons for a crown:
Sometimes these caps are used to enhance the appearance of a smile. If there is a tooth in an
odd or irregular shape, it would look better if covered up. If the person's smile is discolored
due to smoking, side effects of prescription meds, drinking tea, coffee or red wine, hiding the
discoloration with a dental crown may be desired.
Medical reasons:
There are many ways a crown can strengthen and support the structure. Some medical
reasons include:
A weak tooth: When a tooth is weak, covering it with porcelain, ceramic or metal can keep
it a functional oral structure.
Repair a cracked one: If a crack or fracture is in evidence, reinforcement can be achieved
via capping.
Root canal: After a root canal, a covering made of ceramic, porcelain, gold, or alloy is
Dental implant:
Dental implants are titanium screws posing as roots to replace lost or missing teeth.
Titanium offers an amazingly strong connection between screw and jawbone. After the
screw root settles into the bone, an abutment and crown are placed to create a functional and
natural-looking replacement.
To attach a dental bridge:
Bridges are partial groupings of false teeth. A set of dentures would be an entire mouthful of
replacements. When an area needs to be replaced, a bridge of prosthetics is created and may
be attached via a crown. Such types of conditions need Walk In Dentist Near Me.
A goal of dentists and patients is to keep the teeth as strong and healthy as possible. When
one tooth becomes weak, it creates a weakness in the surrounding structures, as well. By
shoring up a damaged or weak structure with a dental crown the entire set of pearly whites
will remain stronger.