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We are helping to decorate the floor and give new look to the floor

We are helping to decorate the floor and give new look to the floor
If you Beni Ouarain Kopen carpets that are made nowadays feature ancient plans. Our traditional
designs are usually worked in supposed 'live wool'. This is the wool that is cropped from a conscious
sheep in its place of a sheepskin. The wool is similarly Moroccan or from New Zealand. The
Moroccan wool is easier, more like asilk.
Beni Mguild Tapijt is more than just samples of North African culture or magnificence. They're great
properties for people who need practical or suitable home lifestyles. While their geometric lines or
forms are a sight for sore eyes. We carry a lot more than just aesthetic application to the stand. We
give all types of sizes on the carpet.
This style of Marokkaanse Vloerkleed has enjoyed vast popularity over the years, or they have been
used to cover the floors in homes for centuries, extended earlier modern decorative trends removed
hold or started to grow the appeal of the modern home. These are everlasting pieces of art that
serve a chief purpose. We are available in numerous different sizes that compare to their particular
use. The largest pieces are appropriate for common areas or open spaces within the home, or
medium pieces are perfect for connecting pathways like halls or corridors in the Marokkaanse
Tapijten. Our Berber Kleed comes in different styles.
Marokkaanse Kleed typically contains many abstract lines or shapes placed organized. The rugs have
quite a bit of popularity or numerous people have started decorating their homes with them. Our
Tuareg Mats are helping to change the floor.
Beni ourain kleed has two chief dichromatic design styles. We can weave perfectly matched
geometric designs. Some have black borders about the edges of the white spaces. Others simply lay
the straight lines free form in the white seats.
Our beni ourain vloerkleed would have a thick or soft shaggy wool side or a smoother woven side. In
the colder season weather, the carpet would be turned to display its thick woolen shaggy pile. The
roaming people would benefit from the very well-organized insulation it obtains. In the heater
summers, the carpet would be turned to show its smooth side. This means that the thick filling can
keep out the solid heat of the day.
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