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Why do Spider Veins develop During Pregnancy

Why do Spider Veins develop During
Many women suffer from all sorts of vein issues during their pregnancy, the most common
symptoms are spider veins and varicose veins. They should visit a veins clinic to discuss
their vein problems.
What are the reasons?
There are several reasons why these veins develop during the first and second trimesters. The
body prepares itself for the added blood supply needed by the baby. So there is an increase in
the blood volume of the pregnant body. According to a vein specialist near me, in some
cases, the increase in blood volume was nearly thirty percent of the overall blood volume
before the pregnancy.
● The increase in the blood volume is also the reason why blue veins are an early
pregnancy sign when they show over the breasts and the side of the abdomen. Those
blue lines are not spider veins and will fade away once the baby is born and the
pregnancy is over.
● The second reason is that the pregnancy progesterone hormones in the body relax
some of the body tissue to allow the body to expand and grow. The main side effect is
that veins’ walls get weaker too because of this. The weakening of the vein walls
means the veins fail to pulse the blood upward toward the heart, and blood will be
pooling in the veins.
● When these tiny veins get clogged with blood, they can be seen under the skin as blue
or purple lines. Their name is given since the blue lines look like tiny spiders, with
blue arms stretched to the sides.
These veins can be seen usually where the skin is thin and paler like the feet, ankles, calf,
behind the knees, and over the face. Spider veins are not dangerous and are just a cosmetic
problem with no medical side effects to the pregnancy. You can get spider vein treatment
near me Clifton to relieve the problematic veins.
The best way to treat spider veins is to use over-the-counter treatment creams. Those are
applied over the affected area and can help improve the vein's wall elastic abilities. Make
sure to consult your doctor before using any treatment cream during your pregnancy.
The second way to hide them is to wear concealer makeup to cover the skin areas with the
blue lines running through them. There are special body concealers that are not the
traditional beauty concealers that should be used. Professional makeup concealers have a
higher pigment density and can cover larger skin areas easily. You can read at the links
below how those concealers should be applied for best results hiding the spider veins.
Treatment for spider veins:
All varicose vein clinics offer spider vein treatment in New Jersey after consultation with
professionals. The non-invasive technique of laser spider vein treatment near me Clifton
is also something you can consider if surgery is not an option for you. There is nothing
scarier than surgery. The widespread acceptance of non-invasive treatment techniques has
made it possible for people to resume their lifestyles much sooner after treatment because
healing times have decreased. For a problem with coverage as high as varicose veins, noninvasive treatments have proven to be efficient and popular given the less amount of time
needed from the start to the end. Get the treatment done at vein clinics woodland park.