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10 Common habits that cause the vein disease

10 Common habits that cause the
vein disease
For successful treatment of varicose and spider veins, you have to know the causes that are
responsible for this. You must save yourself from a lot of time and health issues if you are
trying home methods that are not working properly. When you understand what causes vein
problems then you have a better possibility of fixing them. Read this full article to know the
most common causes of spider and varicose veins:
1. Diet- According to vein centers unhealthy and poor diet is one of the major factors
causing skin disease and leg disease. The limited result of nutritional needs causing blood
regulation in the legs. Due to this legs swell and possibly resulting in spider and varicose
2. Genetics - if your parents and siblings have spider and varicose veins, then a vein
specialist says that you have more chances of developing venous problems in the legs.
3. Aging- It is the most common cause of bulged and weak vein legs. In the woman,
menopause and frequent hormonal changes during pregnancy result in losing the flexibility
of the skin and legs. This worsens the condition of spider and varicose veins in the woman.
4. Valves functioning poorly- A vein doctor river oaks says that one-way valves in the deep
veins of the legs prevent the backward flow of the blood in the legs. From deep veins to
superficial veins blood flows in the wrong way due to the poor functioning of the valves.
This causes the veins to become twisted, bulged, and enlarged.
5. Standing or sitting for a long duration of time- Standing and sitting for a longer duration of
time may increase pressure in your legs and in your lower body. This is the reason the veins
are mostly affected in the lower legs and feet. The vein doctor suggests you take a break
after every 30 to 40 minutes, this will help in the good circulation of the blood.
6. Lack of movement- This is another reason for the development of spider and varicose
veins in the legs. Lack of movements such as swimming, walking, or bicycling can result in
added pressure on veins and poor blood circulation in the legs according to the vein
treatment river oaks.
7. Pregnancy- The blood flow is increased in your body in order to carry the fetus during the
pregnancy and flow is decreased from your legs to your pelvis. This may weaken them by
increasing the blood pressure in women.
8. Fit clothing- Vein specialist river oaks will give you the advice to avoid fit clothing and
footwear. This will cause pooling of blood and poor circulation in the lower feet and ankles.
It will also restrict your venous blood flow around the waist.
9. Being overweight- Being excessive overweight put pressure on your legs that will increase
the possibility of developing spider and varicose veins. Due to this, you may need vein
treatment at varicose vein treatment river oaks.
10. Smoking- You have to be aware if you smoke, it elevates blood pressure which can
worsen your existing venous disease.