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The main SEO misconceptions you should remember

The main SEO misconceptions you should remember
There are plenty of businesses who want to do their own Search Engine Optimization but
sometimes all their work fails because of misunderstandings on what optimization exactly
means. That’s why I thought to come up with this list of main misconceptions, in order to
help everyone, understand what today optimization is all about and what it exactly means
these days (compared to what it did mean 15 years ago). Seo Company Los Angeles can
assist in checking for more details as to where to get quality, optimal and economical
optimizing for your site.
1.) SEO works the same it did back in the day
Apart from all the news, articles, updates and algorithm changes, there are still plenty of
people who are sure that the core of search engine boosting and service of Digital Marketing
Agency is just the same as it was back in the day. That’s why they think they can also get
away with the using of the same practices like they did back in the day. Web circles, over
repeating specific words in the content, serving pages with very poor to no content for the
sake of ads and tons more are not allowed any longer. They may stay up for a couple of days
or weeks if they are not reported but they will get shut down this or that way. The old day
practices are all categorized as Black Hat today and these are all things one cannot do.
2.) That meta tagging is still important
Meta tags have been badly abused by tricksters back in the day and that’s why Google has
decided to mix things up and basically decided to leave this way of tagging behind all in all.
So, today these tags don’t count at all. But do not confuse these with the meta-description and
title tags added by Web Development Company because those count big time.
3.) The inflated relationship between paid and organic search
There is an urban legend in the world of SEO Agency that says paid promotion will directly
help in achieving a higher organic web traffic. This is not true as all paid promotion periods
come with a big nofollow attribute added to the site and the pages. Which means there is no
correlation between the two. But of course, this is not for diminishing the effects of a good
paid campaign that can really help sustain a company.
4.) Spamming still works
According to Social Media Marketing Agency, spam was very useful and very important in
optimization methodology long time ago. They helped inflate the number of links and they
were crucial in terms of keywords too. But nobody likes spammy sites when looking for real
results. These are mostly shut down these days and other methods are suggested when it
comes to serious optimizating work.
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