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What are the main services offered by a solar service provider near me

What are the main services
offered by a solar service
provider near me?
It is important to ensure that the solar power system is in great condition and providing the
best possible output to the users. Operation and maintenance are considered the most crucial
tasks to maintain the equipment to achieve the goal of improving equipment performance by
preventing excess depreciation and impairment. The solar service provider near me
enables the solar power plant to output the maximum amount of energy.
The solar service provider aims to provide you perfect services by trained and experienced
professionals to maintain the excellence of the equipment throughout life. Also, the solar
service near me with its expert professionals ensures that the solar panel system will work
smoothly and efficiently by generating electricity constantly in the proper amount.
Inspections, done by solar service help near me:
As soon as a solar plant is installed, professionals prepare a schedule for providing
preventive maintenance services including adjustments, cleaning, lubrication, repairs,
replacements, and the extension of equipment life. They perform these tasks at least twice a
year during the general inspection period of the installation site.
Services performed during inspections:
● Make sure that roof drainage is perfectly fine and is not blocked.
● Confirm that there are no indications of storing water near the array.
● Make sure that the roof penetrations are watertight.
● Check if there is ground erosion near the foundations of a ground mount system.
● Also, make sure that the electrical enclosures are accessed by authorized employees.
● Check whether the sanitation is proper throughout the site, or not.
● Also, ensure that there is no corrosion on the outside of enclosures and the racking
● Make sure that there are no loose hanging wires in the array.
● Inspect if there are any indications of animal infestation.
Other kinds of solar service help given by the solar service company:
Other than the basic inspections, there are certain checks that are a part of the preventive
maintenance given by the company.
Since modules need the most amount of preventive maintenance along with cleaning
activities, professionals of the company mainly focus on them.
The cycle of cleaning:
Normally, when there is not too much dust or dirt, professional cleaning is performed every
two weeks. But, if the area is dusty like Rajasthan, the frequency of cleaning can be
increased to once a week.
Standard of water:
Professionals clean the modules by determining the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) level in
the water. The TDS level of water should be at least below 250 parts per million while
performing the cleaning process. The quality of water is tested from time to time to be sure
that set standards are maintained.
Use standard cleaning tools:
While cleaning the panels, there should be used higher quality tools for cleaning because a
low-quality brush with metal bristles may impact the glass surface badly. So, it will be better
to use fiber bristle brushes while doing the cleaning. If the bird droppings have become hard
and stuck on the module, professionals use detergents with low concentration to clean the
Other than that, the professionals wipe off modules properly to make sure that there is no
stain left on the surface.