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Why it is necessary to treat damaged veins

Why it is necessary to treat
damaged veins?
A varicose vein is a major problem in America but still, people used to ignore this. They
dont want to go to a vein clinic for the treatment. To block the backflow of blood these
vessels form one-way valves. Due to this the blood started to pool and results in weakening
the blood valves. This increased amount of blood causes to unable in handling the pressure.
These make the veins twisted and larger and results in the shape appearance of varicose
veins. If you are going through the same, then it is time for you to consult vein treatment in
The vein specialist in NYC will provide you better treatment before the situation gets worse.
Read this article and you will get to know the necessity of treating damaged veins.
Leg swellingDue to the excessive pressure in the veins, the blood starts to leak from the tissues which
cause swelling in the legs. While removing socks and shoes from your legs, an impression is
always left, which is due to the tight sensation of leg swelling. Sometimes skin leaks a clear
fluid after this situation. The vein specialist may suggest you, wear compression stockings
which improves the symptoms. These type of stockings comes with a special elastic that
helps to reduce the swelling in the legs. Still, you are getting swelling then it may lead to
skin color changes.
BleedingThe vein doctor NYC, tells you that the varicose veins contain a lot of blood. If somehow
your skin gets cut or hit there will be some bleeding, that you haven’t expected. On that
particular area, if your skin doesn’t hit or cut, then there may be bruising or itching. If your
injury is large or deep then it will require some time to stoping of this bleeding.
Skin UlcersIt will happen that you do not feel your skin sometimes due to the excessive swelling. Your
skin will take time in healing from minor injuries. The varicose vein treatment NYC, tells
you that swollen tissue can prevent the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the tissue. As a side
effect of constant swelling, the skin stops the healing and can also create non-healing ulcers
as well. Treatment is the only key to treat and reduce the swelling which causes skin ulcers.
Skin infectionsThe tissues also stretch when the skin gets swollen. Against the infection or disease, it
creates conflicts with the body cells. The bacteria that present on our skin enters the body
and causes infections in the skin called “cellulitis”. This causes redness and warmth in a
particular area due to the increase in the swelling. You have to take proper vein treatment to
reduce the risk of skin infection.
If you keep ignoring the damaged veins, these are the worst situations that may take place. It
is very important to seek vein clinics in NY, the specialists there will help you out in the
treatment of these varicose veins.