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Are Surgical Treatments Effective For Varicose Veins

Are Surgical Treatments Effective For
Varicose Veins?
Varicose and spider veins are diseased veins that look ugly and often are painful. Most men
and women are suffering from this condition. The problems of diseased veins arise when
walls of veins become damaged or weaken due to extra pressure on the blood vessel. Obesity
and pregnancy are the basic cause of veins’ destruction. Also, if you are in a kind of job
where you have to sit or stand for long periods, the problem can exaggerate easily. If you
want to get rid of the ugly veins, see the veins center.
Usually, the affected veins don’t cause serious problems but if the condition is extensively
serious, it may cause irritation, swollen legs, blood clotting, throbbing sensation in the legs
with pain, ugly appearance on the affected part of the body. These types of conditions
require medical attention. Some people want to get them removed due to aesthetic reasons as
they want to look perfect. To know better, whether the condition acquires medical attention
or not, visit vein centers near me.
For the trunk-sized varicose veins, the vein specialists recommend surgical treatment. And it
has been observed that surgical treatments’ results are more effective and long-lasting.
Laser Varicose Vein Surgery Treatment. To know about all options for the treatment, visit
veins centers li.
What are the surgical procedures to remove varicose veins?
Vein treatment near me:
Varicose vein surgery is considered the most effective procedure among all kinds of vein
Vein ligation and stripping:
The procedure is done by making two incisions, one at the upper surface of the leg just
below the groin and another one behind the knee or at the ankle. Vein specialist near me
first ties off or clamps where the first incision is made. Then. he/she inserts a long wire into
the veins by the lower incision and forces it up through the vein. Lastly, the vein doctor
near me connects a button-like cap to the lower end of the wire and the whole part of the
diseased vein is drawn out through the incision near the groin.
During this procedure, a vein specialist makes very small incisions just a few millimeters
wide over the affected veins. Then, the specialists use a small hook to pull the vein out of
these cuts. They cut the veins into several pieces to remove them. This technique is generally
used for tiny-sized veins that are branched further from larger veins. The main objective of
this procedure is to prevent the scarring that can happen when the specialists make bigger
Surgery can provide effective results to relieve varicose vein symptoms. It is quite effective
to relieve you from all kinds of symptoms, exaggerated due to varicose veins including, pain,
swelling, and itching. Also, it is a better treatment to eliminate affected veins permanently.
You will notice that the appearance of the legs becomes better than before.
It may be possible that both kinds of surgical procedures lead to pain, wound infections,
bleeding, swelling, scarring, etc. but these side effects are not prominent in all cases, rarely
they may be seen in some cases. The rarest side effect that can be experienced after the
surgery is thrombosis or nerve damage.
You can leave the hospital immediately after the surgery. But if you are experiencing some
side effects like swellings or wounds, you will be recommended to stay in the hospital until
they disappear. It may take up to three weeks to heal.