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Call us : So you've chosen to send a gift to the Philippines to someone you love, but still
aren't sure what to send. Gift giving in the Philippines is a special and meaningful event, and
you want to make a good impression. It's a good idea to think about what kind of gift you'd
like to give. Is there something specific that your family member was hinting at when you
spoke to them on the phone? If so, you have your idea. If you are planning to surprise them,
you may want to match your choice of gift with the occasion, such as flowers for Valentine's
Day or a birthday.
Remember to send something with a message. That could be flowers for a grandparent's
anniversary with a heart-felt note, or a cake or a food party package from Jollibee for a
nephew's birthday, or maybe even an appliance for mom, or a TV for dad, or a cell phone for
your younger brother. The choices are limited to your imagination and how appropriate it is
for the occasion.
What is unique to the Philippines is the notion of "pasalubong," which means 'keepsake' or
'souvenir,' mostly given when visiting home from some faraway place. It symbolizes a kind
of homecoming gift, no matter how short or long one's travel might have been. Another
aspect of sending a present to the Philippines' is the affect the hot and humid weather can
have on a perishable item such as a flower or cake. In fact, our suppliers and customers
indicate flowers last about 3 days, unlike the week or more in other countries. Which means
when you send flowers, it's truly a dear present.
Filipinos also have a sweetened palate, and prefer the cakes that come from their local
brands such as Red Ribbon and Goldilocks. So while you may think your North American
cake is good, choosing something local will be more appreciated.
Here are a few popular choices that you might consider when sending a gift:
Flowers: They are perfect for almost any occasion: for weddings, birthdays, graduation
ceremonies, debuts... You can choose from roses, lilies, and a few special selections.
Remember: they won't last more than 3 days in places like Manila and Cebu. On more
somber occasions, you can even send a wreath to someone when a loved one has passed
and you can't attend the funeral.
Cakes: Chocolate, Black Forest, or even Filipino favorite Ube Cake can be sent using some
websites, and it makes for a wonderful gift on a birthday. Cakes for delivery to the
Philippines can arrive fresh because they are made locally by popular brands like Red
Ribbon, and cater to that specific Filipino palate.
Gift Cards: A very convenient choice for getting that teenager or other family member (hint:
dad!) when it is tough to choose what to get for them. SM Gift Cards mean that they can
buy whatever they like from the department store, or even the mall. Jollibee Gift Cards can
mean a nice family meal at Philippines' favorite fast food restaurant.
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