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How to Appeal a Parking Ticket

How to Appeal a Parking Ticket
There are several situations whereby you will get a parking ticket. You might park in the wrong place
or even go out for 10 minutes shopping. In other cases, you might have legally parked your car only
to find that a parking ticket has been issued.
No matter what your situation is forgetting the parking fines, there are ways in which you can appeal
a parking ticket.
Parking fines can be high and can add up to your expenses. No one likes to lose money and therefore
you need the best approach to appeal to the parking ticket.
Ways to Appeal a Parking Ticket
There are steps to follow when you want to appeal a parking ticket. These include;
1. Take photos
If you believe that the ticket was given by mistake, the first thing to do is to gather evidence to prove
your case. The best way to gather evidence is to take pictures of the place you parked your car.
2. Challenge The Ticket As Soon As Possible
The faster you appeal to your parking ticket the better. You've got 28 days to appeal to the parking
ticket, so send your appeal by writing to the local council.
3. Situations For Parking Fines Appeal
Several bases can support you when appealing. These situations include;
Obstruction - If there was an obstruction at the parking space that leads you to park wrongly
or see the parking time expiry.
Faulty parking meter - You can appeal if you find out the meter was faulty.
Incorrect details - If the parking officer makes a mistake when writing your parking tickets,
then you can appeal. Some mistakes include the wrong date, registration number or getting
fined for the wrong reasons.
There was no sign - You can appeal in case there was not a sign such as the "no parking" sign
or "no stopping” signs.
Medical emergency or faulty vehicle - These two situations can be considered for an appeal.
Once you have sent a letter of appeal to the council you will get a response indicating whether your
appeal will be considered or not.
If it is not considered, you can also go ahead and write a second letter of appeal seeking a review.
If you have sufficient evidence to support your case then your traffic fines can be reviewed.
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