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What Do You Expect During Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins can make you feel uncomfortable as they are thread-like structures in branches
with blue or purple colors and when you put on shorts or a bathing suit they will be noticed on
your thighs. They may even occur in your face! Most people consider this aesthetic problem and
seek out spider vein removal options. If you want to get rid of the ugly veins, visit the veins
What is Telangiectasia?
Telangiectasia is the scientific name for what is more commonly known as spider veins. This
disorder has been spreading like a plague world widely. It is a very common cosmetic concern
in women as they appear on more than 50% of the world’s population of women. However, it
has also been seen in men. They can grow anywhere on the body but usually, they are seen on
the face and legs. If you notice them, you should visit veins clinics.
What are the causes of spider veins?
While Telangiectasia is often congenital, pregnancy and prolonged inactivity, like working for
years in an office setting or truck driving, can also lead to the development of this condition.
Though they are not life-threatening, they are cosmetically displeasing. If your spider veins
personally bother you it is important to note that there are treatments available. Spider vein
removal is highly individualized and you should not seek it to fit a social ideal or to please
someone else. You could be an eligible candidate for treatment if you are doing it for yourself,
have a positive outlook and commitment to the treatment suggestions of your physician.
Consult the vein doctor California to know the variety of spider vein treatment near me San
Diego options.
Sclerotherapy and laser removal are the most common treatment methods. Sclerotherapy is
the medical “gold standard” in which your health care provider injects medicine directly into the
vessels causing them to harden and eventually shrink away. While this is the medically
preferred method for spider veins removal, there have been some complications.
Laser removal is less invasive. Laser removal is quick and relatively painless with results that
are often instantaneous and dramatic. Larger areas of the body, such as the legs, may take a few
sessions of laser treatment for a more satisfactory result to be observed. You should always
make sure to find a reputable doctor in order to get the proper care. You wouldn’t want
something to go wrong that doesn’t have to.
It is very important to discuss your condition and your concerns about spider vein removal with
your vein specialist California. Because neither treatment is without side effects, your current
health status could greatly impact your eligibility for treatment. If you have a severe health
condition that affects your candidacy you may consider forgoing elective treatment. While
removal of these blemishes could greatly improve your self-image and self-confidence, their
presence does not impact you physically and treatment is for cosmetic purposes only.
In addition to spider vein treatment San Diego risks, costs and insurance coverage should also
be considered. Many insurance companies do not cover elective surgery so you may have to
weigh your financial options as well as your surgical ones.
Regardless of your choice to seek or refuse treatment, know that your educated decision will
positively impact your life. You may find yourself confidently strolling down a sandy beach soon
with smooth beautiful legs after a successful spider vein removal treatment.