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Are All Windscreens Made Equally

Are All Windscreens Made Equally?
The windscreen is one of the most important parts of a car. It has a critical role in ensuring
safe driving. The windscreen is not as durable as the rest of the car and sometimes accidents
occur and your windscreen can become damaged.
Windscreen cleaning and replacement could be an option to revive it back to a safe state
after an accident. However, before you do, you need to realise that all windscreens are not
the same. The following considerations will help you to select the right windscreen for your
Differences in Car Windscreens
There are two types of windscreen glass that could be in your car; tempered glass and
laminated glass. The biggest difference between these two is how they react when they are
Tempered Glass - This was mostly used traditionally. When hit, tempered glass shatters into
several small pieces.
Laminated Glass - This is a modern type of windshield. It has added safety features and the
ability to hold together when hit.
Laminated glass provides added safety for drivers. Most accidents cause shattered
windscreens potentially injuring the vehicle occupants. Nowadays, companies are using
laminated glass on all car windows for safety reasons.
Though the laminated glass provides an added protection and safety, it can be hard to break
especially when you are trapped in your car.
In addition to the structural property of windshield, other differences are found within the
windshield itself. Some car companies incorporate various sensors and parts in the
windshield. Some of these include weather sensors, cameras or antennas.
If you are looking for windscreen replacement, make sure that you completely understand
whether there are sensors in your existing windshield. This will help you to select the right
replacement windshield.
Before you make a buying decision on windscreen replacement, ensure that you read your
car's manual to determine the right windshield to buy.
Windshield Replacement Made Easy
A well manufactured and fitted windshield enhances structural integrity and safety of your
car. You should choose the best windscreen replacement service for you and your car.
If you're looking for a windshield repair or cleaning services in Australia, the best place to
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