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Creative Influence NYC
Printing In NYC
Address: 45-24 Vernon Blvd, Long Island City,
NY 11101, USA
Phone no: 646-837-8660
Who We Are
One of the key components of Creative Influence NYC’s success is our
unwavering dedication to providing the highest quality along with the
best service at competitive prices. Creative Influence NYC carries this
out each day, on every project, for every customer.
Our expertise in virtually every market, wide range of capabilities and
24/7 staffing flexibility allows us to meet the most demanding
requirements. We are proud of our valued relationships. They include
some of the highest profile and most demanding companies, educational
institutions and agencies who depend on us for many different
requirements. Think of us… especially when you need a printing
miracle… because our customers have for over three decades.
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Printing In NYC
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Commercial Printing New York
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Printers NYC
Commercial Printing New York City
Creative Influence NYC is New York City’s One Stop, Full Service
commercial printing company serving a wide range of customers large and
small. Our state-of-the-art printing presses produce the highest quality
digital, offset and large format printing available in the market today.
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