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Is Sclerotherapy Safe For Vein Problems

Is Sclerotherapy Safe For Vein Problems?
A standard vein treatment TX method to improve the condition of varicose veins or spider
veins is sclerotherapy. It is a nonsurgical method of injecting a saline solution into the veins
in order to reduce them. This method is quick and painless if done in the vein clinic
Houston. The span should take not more than 30-60 mins, you take this treatment during
half-day or lunch break. The injection is micro and includes a sterile liquid that is forced into
the veins, thus irritating the vein lining, eventually causing it to disappear. Multiple veins can
be injected at the various sessions.
Sclerotherapy can be done without anesthesia and is usually done inside a vein center
Houston tx. The patient will be requested to come to the formal loose-fitting clothes so the
vein insufficiency can be clearly distinguished. Some may feel little pain and can ask for
painkillers or anesthesia, which can be given to the patient before the treatment begins
around 30 minutes prior. Most cases only observe a slight sting after each shot, followed by a
burning sensation lasting only a few seconds. Sclerotherapy manages to close off a problem
vein, enabling the blood to flow through the healthy veins.
Some vein center Houston tx suggests wearing a compression garment for some months
after the treatment to avoid recurring, in case any veins keep protruding. It is recommended
to take the treatment a second time for the most reliable results, based on the condition of the
problem. Some patients may get cured in 1 or 2 treatments. For the severe case of spider
veins, approximately 15-20 injections are needed to cure the problem. Each session is
normally done every month.
Minor side effects may come to the surface after sclerotherapy like with every medical
condition, but it has very little chance of going anything wrong. You can go back to work
after each and every chance. A comprehensive diagnosis should be arranged by your vein
doctor Texas to know the problems and ways to improve them.
The full impact and advantage of the treatment normally takes some weeks and most patients
will have reported they got a cure within 2 weeks of injections. This analysis alone is helpful
when determining how long it can take to come on the results. The cost varies depending on
the treatments required, the doctor, or the neighborhood.
What are the side effects of sclerotherapy?
● Some risks connected with sclerotherapy involve:
● Skin blotching along the healed vein can take around 6 months.
● Recurring varicose veins problem.
● Itching and bruising pain where the veins were treated.
● Blood clots or DVT.
You can understand the points of the treatment by the vein doctor. Be certain to see a
qualified and expert doctor on whom you can rely in a professional capacity. Know the total
cost, followed by the treatments, and a holistic view of the procedure. Sclerotherapy is a
proven and successful procedure to correct the varicose and spider veins, and patients will
see desired results in no time.