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hide friends and comments Myspace

hide friends and comments Myspace
Social networking sites are incredibly useful - they make it possible to get in touch with and stay in
touch with friends and family, whether they're close by, or far away. MySpace is just one of the
popular sites that gives us the ability to get in touch with someone we love, no matter what time it
might be. You can exchange videos and photos, post comments, take quizzes and lots more. One of
the biggest parts of the networking experience is leaving comments on other people's profiles.
However, allowing your comments to be publicly visible can cause problems.
Social networking sites can cause significant privacy issues, for instance. Since other people are able
to see your pages and your profile, they can use that information against us. While many would like
their profiles to be among the most popular on MySpace, some people would prefer to keep
personal information and their identities hidden and safe from people they don't know personally.
There are plenty of settings available to help you keep your personal information safe from people
you don't know.
Of course, setting your account to private is the fastest and easiest way to hide friends and
comments Myspace from people you don't know. Then, only your friends will be able to see your
profile and the comments that have been left. Of course, not everyone wants to hide friends and
comments Myspace profile completely. Some profiles are the product of a lot of hard work, and
their owners would like the world to see them - just not the private bits. That's why there are a
number of useful codes out there to help you hide only part of your profile, letting the rest of it be
viewable to the general public.
Leaving your comments completely visible could be the cause of some embarrassing situations. That
makes it important to hide MySpace comments, keeping them out of the reach of other bloggers you
don't know and spammers who could use your personal information. Restricting your comments
means that only your friends will be able to post, but that doesn't stop others from reading the
messages they leave you.
Some people have run into problems when their employer checks out the comments on their
MySpace page, finding out details that they didn't want their workplace to know. There's also the
danger of running into someone unscrupulous. A diverse community like MySpace tends to attract
just about everyone. That means that among your readers, there could be someone you might
consider dangerous. It's best to keep comments to yourself, to avoid accidentally telling strangers
about your past, likes and dislikes, personal habits, and your friends and family.
MySpace codes can assist you in keeping your important details private. They help you customize
your profile to your personal preferences. You can also use these codes to give you a unique looking
but secure profile that will attract attention without giving anything away.
Things you can hide on MySpace include your last login date, contact table, and other personal
information. It's easy to hide MySpace comments if you have the right code, keeping your personal
comments private. Others won't be able to view them. Remove any details on your profile page,
These codes allow you to make changes to your profile. There are lots of codes out there that'll help
you design your profile to suit your own personal aesthetics. You don't have to use the default
layouts, which expose your information to others. This type of code will help you keep your personal
information totally safe, as well as protecting your identity.
Use the codes available to remove your contact table, hide friends lists, make your profile private, or
hide MySpace comments on your page. You'll still be able to see personal messages from your family
and friends on your MySpace editing page, but no one else will be able to.
There's no need to worry about whether the people who post on your profile or pick as your friends
will say something that could cause you trouble. Good security and privacy measures are part of
what makes networking fun. Make sure you take precautions to keep your profile safe and avoid
getting your info picked up by the unscrupulous. Your social networking will be happier and more
hassle free.
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