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What Happens If A Wisdom Tooth Breaks

What Happens If A Wisdom Tooth Breaks?
A wisdom tooth is one of the large molars positioned in the backside of the jaw. Most people
have wisdom teeth but in some cases, it might be possible that they never have them. And it
is also possible that a person can have more than four wisdom teeth. Other than that it is also
possible that people have impacted wisdom teeth below the gingival tissue.
How does a person get to know of having wisdom teeth?
If you observe your mouth you will find three permanent molars in each dental quarter. If the
wisdom tooth is not visible you can take the help of a radiograph to verify. With the help of a
radiograph, you may know the state of development of your wisdom teeth through X-ray.
Most of the time wisdom teeth can be visible between the ages of 16 to 23. When these
wisdom teeth start erupting you may feel little pressure or throbbing sensation in the back of
your jaws. Your Affordable Dentist In Houston will be able to give information about the
condition of these wisdom teeth.
In some cases, there is wisdom tooth pain such as tooth decay. You can get over this
problem by doing some modification of the enclosed tissues or adopting oral hygiene rules.
Moreover, If there is a small strip of swollen gum tissue hardly covering the back of the
tooth a person can have pain by biting the tissue. To get over this problem the gum tissue can
be removed to make it right. There is no need for wisdom teeth removal if you are brushing
your teeth by changing different angles and flossing in both directions. That means in the
front and behind you can keep your wisdom teeth healthy.
Reasons for broken wisdom teeth:
Since wisdom teeth grow in the end it may be possible that there is not enough space in your
mouth. When they try to erupt it may happen that another tooth has already occupied the
same spot. That can cause them to grow from a different unnatural angle. And if it has been
so, your wisdom tooth may crack as it forces its way out.
Furthermore, wisdom tooth rotting and breaking can cause severe infection which can put
entire oral health at risk. In the case of infection in the wisdom tooth, the harmful bacteria
can infect the tooth pulp which may lead to loss of the tooth.
The main cause of wisdom tooth infection is the gap that invites an infection to the tooth.
In these certain situations, you can visit the Emergency Dentist Houston Tx.
Why need to extract a wisdom tooth?
If you have severe pain.
Having an infection of soft tissue repeatedly.
Damaged teeth.
Overcrowding of the tooth.
Excessive tooth decay.
How long does it take for wisdom teeth to heal?
After the removal of a wisdom tooth, it can take about 2 weeks to get it healed completely.
It can be worse for the first few days but it will improve slowly. If you massage your face
gently with a cold cloth it will help in reducing the mouth swelling.