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Complete Guide on the Types of Casino Bonuses pdf

Complete Guide on the Types of Casino
The one main thing that draws many people to play casino games is profit. Many
players join the gambling bandwagon so that they can play profitable games that
come with high odds. However, apart from game odds, profits in gambling also
come through bonuses. These bonuses come in different forms and in the
following article.
Signing Up
Many online casinos offer signing up bonuses (welcome bonuses), You can choose
any Best trusted online casino. Welcome bonuses do come in different forms.
Firstly, there is the 100 percent bonus offer. A 100 percent bonus offer is an offer
in which the casino matches the first deposit made by a player by 100 percent. In
essence, this means if a player deposits $100 he will, in turn, receive an additional
$100 courtesy of the casino.
Secondly, under Welcome Bonuses, there is also the Match Bonus offer. The
match bonus offer functions in almost the same way as the 100 percent bonus
offer. However, the difference between the two is that there’s no percentage
when it comes to the Match Bonus offer meaning that the casino will match
whatever the amount the player deposits. Other than the 100 percent bonus
offer, casinos may also offer 200/300/400+ percent bonus offers. However, on
many occasions, such type of bonuses do come with lower caps.
Under Welcome Bonuses, there are also 1st, 2nd or 3rd deposit bonuses. What this
basically entails is that the casino promises to offer a bonus (be it 100 percent
bonus offer or Match Bonus offer) when the player makes his first, second and
third deposits.
Apart from monetary signing up bonuses, casinos also offer free spins as bonuses.
Casinos may combine monetary bonuses and free spins (e.g. offer a 100 percent
bonus offer plus 100 free spins on selected games) or it may just offer free spins
on their own.
Reward for Loyalty
In general, the highest number of bonuses offered at online casinos are welcome
bonuses. However, casinos also do offer loyalty bonuses. Loyalty bonuses are the
bonuses that reward players who constantly and consistently play at a particular
On many occasions, loyalty bonuses come in the form of VIP Programs. In the VIP
programs, the player receives a point/s each time that he either deposits or plays
a game. The points gained accumulate and when they reach a certain threshold,
the player will be able to redeem them for cash or for any other valuable product
that may be on offer.
Fair Play Rewards
Though not popular, there are some casinos that offer fair play rewards. Fair play
rewards function more like loyalty rewards. However, to accumulate points, the
player need not play regularly such that the pattern may suggest gambling
addiction or problem gambling on the part of the player. Rather, there should be
a normal pattern to how the player enjoys his games. At the same time, the
player need not spend an unreasonable amount of time away from the casino
such that he may no longer be deemed as a regular. The points gained for playing
in the ‘right’ way may be redeemed for cash.