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Is Sclerotherapy Therapy Safe For Varicose Vein Treatment

Is Sclerotherapy Therapy Safe For Varicose
Vein Treatment?
Sclerotherapy is one of the types of Spider Vein Treatment is a unique way that corrects
spider veins. Because of the aging factors varicose and spider-veins become swollen and
protrude out. If these veins are left on their own then they might create various issues like leg
fatigue, pain, and discomfort and it can turn into more severe problems. This treatment has
turned very prevalent these days as it effectively eliminates the unwanted veins from the
lower portion of your body. This vein treatment Long Island is not only efficient but also
serves the purpose with very little downtime.
With the help of vein doctor Long Island, this method removes the spider veins on a
forever basis and also improves your vein wall health, and reduces red and blue splotches of
your veins that make your leg appear ugly. In this section, you will get all the required
information about the Sclerotherapy - vein treatment south shore Long Island.
Spider vein treatment
Sclerotherapy - vein treatment north shore Long Island is a very reliable vein treatment in
which a saltwater solution is injected into the concerned areas. The veins get inflamed and
stick to each other and form scars or bruises that become less obvious after this surgery.
Vein doctor LI use the saline liquid while other doctors favor the sclerosing means. One
benefit of this method is that your veins become not so obvious after taking the Spider-Vein
Treatment. The sole issue with this it does give any protection against the redevelopment of
vein problems.
What You Should Not Do After Sclerotherapy?
According to the vein doctor north shore Long Island, you should know the activities you
should avoid after the procedure at least for the next 48 hours. There are several things you
should be careful of: The list is as follows
Stay away from the direct sunlight
Taking shower for long hours
Taking leg massage
Taking spa session
Going on a hike or doing a workout
Eating spicy food and dehydration
Using hot and cold compression on the affected areas
What are the Advantages of this treatment?
There are several great advantages of this procedure - vein doctor south shore Long Island
which is as mentioned below:
● This is a simple treatment that is why the patient does not encounter any ache or
● No rest is needed after this procedure and you can start your work right after taking
the procedure.
● It is an effective, safe, time-proven, and great method.
● After the procedure, you will get nice and flaunt worthy legs and ankles.
What is the take on Costs and insurance coverage?
The normal cost for the basic treatment of Sclerotherapy is around $400-600, with your real
cost per sitting is based on various factors such as the areas you are living in, the severity of
the treatment, doctor’s skills, and other factors of the same type. Normally insurance covers
vein problems but Sclerotherapy is not covered in the insurance.