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A structural service innovation approach for designing smart product-service systems

A structural service innovation approach for designing smart product-service systems
Smart Product-Service Systems, also known as Smart PSSs are products. It combines smart
products with e-services to come up with unified single solutions. By effective use of ICT or
information and communication technology, the smart products gather, produce and process
datarequired for the advanced handling of various tasks that are associated with these products.
The e-services are comprised of tools like apps and web portals that can help to facilitate smooth
communication between consumers and the service providers. It is essential to make skillful use
of structural design services so that the best quality Smart PSSs can be developed. Smart PSSs
are actually quite new in the market. However, their presence and demand among consumers
have been increasing steadily over the last few years.
The Smart Product-Service Systems are referred to as smart since they work with the help of ICT
systems like sensors, microchips and software components that get them to connect with other
systems and make use of information to function smoothly. For instance, many laundry service
companies incorporate these smart features into their systems as they can provide relevant
information regarding their laundry washing to the consumers.Smart PSSs effectively integrate
an e-service with a smart product for jointly catering to the consumer requirements. It is
important to only use the most efficient ICT systems as they can help in the activeexecution of
all kinds of Smart PSSs. The latest Smart PSSs are crafted in such a way that they generate and
communicate relevant information properly so that the best e-services can be created around
aparticular product.
It is therefore needless to say that the combination of the smart products with the e-servicescan
pave the way for designers to be highly creative when they come up with new and innovative
touch-points or interactions. This can definitely lead to better communication between the
service providers and consumers which in turn can boost their relationship. While it is true that
the smart product-service systems are rather new in the market, they have already grown
immensely in popularity due to the diverse range of benefits that they have to offer. The greater
demand for smart product-service systems has led to the birth of innovative projects and
designers are now trying to come up with more enhanced products that make use of such smart
technologies. It is for this reason that structural design servicesare considered to be so vital in the
development of these products.
The goal of structural design services is to streamline and facilitate efficient interaction between
the end-users and these products so that they can benefit from them in more ways than one. Just
like the service providers are always looking to make sure that the customers are benefitted when
they use the smart product-service systems, they are also intended to encourage more new
customers to use their offerings. This is why it has become so much important these days to
make use of innovative structural service solutions that can help in achieving these goals with
optimum efficiency.