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CFI Bootcamp

the Experience and
the Track Record to get
you finished with your
CFI Training and initial
certificate in 3 weeks!
Step 1
Online Course
You will complete our online course first.
42 hours of video content with assessments
Self-study guide to walk you through
Not time limit - Study at your own pace
Required prior to attending a 7 day Ground School
Step 2
7 Day Class | Live or Virtual
Taking the online prep course lecture into practive. 7 days of scenario driven exercises and
teaching practice as you learn to be a CFI by actually doing it.
Learn to teach from our Lesson Plans - Critique and Help
Everthing Student Pilot - Soloing Students and more
Helicopter to Airplane and other Complex Regulations and Endorsements
How to teach Aerodynamics, Airspace, regulations and more
FOI - Using our mind maps to fully understand key concepts
Complete logbooks for Student, Private, Commercial, Recreational, Sport, CFI and
added category and class ratings
Step 3
Flying and Teaching
You'll spend about 15 hours in the right seat of a Cessna 172 learning
how to teach Private and Commercial maneuvers. You'll give a preflight breifing on what you'll teach in flight and then get a
comprehensive debriefing after the flight on how it went. You'll also
spend a half-day getting your spin endorsement this week. Getting you
ready for the checkride and in particular, the Oral part of the test is an
everyday part of the 7 days. It's ground, flight, ground flight- rince and
repeat for 7 days.
Step 4
Checkride Preparation
You'll take your Checkride shortly after the 7
days of flying and teaching. If you prepare
before you show up with proficiency in the
right seat and the spin endorsement then your
Checkride could be on the last day of the 7
days of flight and teaching.
Committed to Training
CFI Bootcamp believes training is the forefront
of safety. We strive to educate and develop our
students into decision making pilots. By using
our custom curated documents and online
course, we are able to effectively and
efficiently provide world class training.
CFI Bootcamp
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