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Recruitment Agencies in Dubai

Recruitment Agencies in Dubai
As one of the leading recruitment agencies in Dubai, Sundus
can help you realize your professional potential. We are
dedicated to connecting the right candidates with the right roles,
benefitting thousands of job seekers and workplaces around the
There are thousands of Recruitment Agencies in Dubai. Whew!
That's quite few far and away. Do all of them deliver results?
Well, no. they do not. Some deliver spectacular results. While
most others don't deliver any whatsoever.
But Sundus is a trusted Recruitment Agencies in Dubai which
deliver best result in all over field which you have interested.
Recruitment Dubai is success, since almost 80% of residents in
Dubai are non-Emiratis, who come checking out an excellent
life and career from over 200 countries world-wide.
We have subsequent criteria:
 Career Field Specialization.
 Number of dedicated Recruiters during a Career Field.
 Experience and Quality of Recruiters.
 Customer Service.
 Number and Quality of Companies with which they need
 Percentage of Successful Placement.
We Covers following Sectors Sundus covers following sectors that are relevant to the
UAE market needs Aerospace & Defence
Alternative Energy
Banking Financial Services
Health Care
Hospitality & Retail
Oil & Gas
Surface Transport, Rail & Port
Telecommunication & Information Technology
About Sundus –
Sundus is a leading Recruitment and Outsourcing company in
UAE, with a market presence since 1998. Sundus is a 100%
Emirati Owned and managed company and is supported by a
highly diversified international team with extensive experience
in Human Resource Management. Sundus is a fully compliant
business holding licensed ‘On Demand Labor Supply (ODLS)’
and Executive Search and Manpower Supply services in the
Emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which gives us a pan UAE
For more details contact us
Address - Off No 18A, Prestige Tower 17, Mohamed Bin
Zayed City,
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Call us - +971 2 672 9100
Email - [email protected]
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