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CBD flowers - Afghan XL - 2g
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Content: 2 grams (€ 12.50 * / 1 gram)
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Pure and natural CBD products from
Germany for everyone
Cannabidiol CBD is a direct descendant of the hemp plant. CBD and
marijuana are easy to confuse - mostly because of the similarity in
appearance. However, CBD does not induce a high like marijuana does
with THC, and according to a WHO report, it has no effects that could be
linked to addiction or dependence. Our CBD contains less than 0.2% THC,
the main compound that makes marijuana "high".
Use of cannabidiol CBD
From treating anxiety and other psychological ailments to preventing
seizures in children, CBD is increasingly useful for various health problems
and diseases. The FDA also recently approved the use of Epidiolex, a drug
that contains CBD, to reduce epileptic seizures in children. The use of CBD to
cure insomnia - both for falling asleep and staying asleep - is also being
studied extensively and with positive results.
Treating chronic pain is another area where CBD has been shown to be
increasingly effective. A study with the same effect was also published in the
European Journal of Pain, which observed the positive effects of using CBD
for reducing inflammation and pain due to arthritis.
CBD is also available for use on your pets, especially cats and dogs. All
mammals have an ECS system, and giving them CBD products made
specifically for your pets can help you provide them with the same health and
wellness benefits that you enjoy. In addition to reducing pain and
inflammation, CBD products for pets also promote an overall healthier
body. You can apply their creams topically and use the pills as part of your
regular diet to get all the benefits.
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