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ASP Seal
Visit us at American Seal & Packing for best quality Gaskets.
Our Gaskets are perfect to fix poor tolerancing between irregular
and flat surfaces. We offer a full range of Non-asbestos, PTFE,
Mica and Flexible Graphite styles, equals to Gylon. Branded
gasket material like FMI, Garlock, and Thermoseal are generally
the best quality gasket materials and provide traceability. Visit
us for best gaskets.
Gaskets and Seals are commonly used to seal at least two
surfaces together. Gaskets and seals are set between explicit
surfaces to forestall the spillage of either gases or liquids. These
seals are commonly made from an adaptable material, for
example, elastic or even plug. The gasket or seal is put between
the fitting surfaces, and the surfaces are then united and fixed by
different instruments. This has the impact of squeezing the
gasket or seal which reacts via fixing the two surfaces together,
along these lines keeping spillage from the joint.
Gaskets are utilized in numerous enterprises, for example,
mechanical building, aviation, car and the pipes business. They
are accessible for some sorts of fixing applications, and these
can incorporate, pipe washers, motor gaskets and clothes washer
and so more.
Products We Offer –
Mechanical seals, cartridge seals, engineered shaft seals, water
pump shaft seals, braided pump packing, PTFE machined
extruded or molded, rubber gasketing spiral wound gaskets, Cut
Gaskets, o-rings, Viton®, gasket materials, lip seals, gaskets,
full face, ring, tadpole tapes, silica, PTFE , EPTFE, PFA,
GRAFOIL® flexible graphite, molded rubber, Injectable pump
packing, expansion joints, die formed packing, cut gaskets and
industrial seals of all types.
About American Seal & Packing –
American Seal & Packing is a leading manufacture helping to
preserve our enviroment by assiting companies to seal pumps
and valves in a mannor consistant with local and federal
enviromental requirements.
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