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How Much Should Gutter Cleaning Cost

How Much Should Gutter Cleaning Cost
Cleaning your gutters is like visiting the dentist. No one enjoys those routine checkups and most
of us think, “what’s the worst that could happen if I skip a few visits?” But, if you don’t get your
teeth rid of all those pesky germs and food debris regularly, then your pearly whites will start to
decay, take damage, and look noticeably worse—ruining the appearance of your face.
Your gutters are the same way. Over time, they accumulate dirt, leaves, and debris. If you don’t get
your gutters cleaned regularly, they will eventually clog and cause damage both to your roof and the
ground around your house—damaging your home and ruining the appearance of your property.
Just like how no one wants tooth decay, no one wants their home to take damage that could have
been avoided with routine maintenance. But how much should gutter cleaning cost? and how do
you know a fair price when you start looking?
Factors Affecting Price
Gutter cleaning services generally take the following factors into consideration when giving you a
price quote: size of the house, ease of reach, and gutter condition.
Size of the House
In general, the bigger your house is, the more gutters you have. This means it will take longer for the
cleaners to do their job thoroughly. Don’t be surprised when the gutter cleaner asks you how many
bedrooms your property has to get an idea of size.
Ease of Reach
The taller your house is, the harder it will be to clean your gutters and the more risk the gutter
cleaner takes when he tries to reach them. For this reason, it’s generally good to look for a gutter
cleaner who uses a pole system.
Instead of climbing up onto the roof to get to your gutters, pole systems use an advanced vacuum
system that allows cleaners to remove any blockages in your gutters all from the safety of the
This not only saves them on specialty climbing equipment and risk from climbing, but also saves you
money because pole systems tend to be less expensive than climbing safety equipment or
specialized tools used to get someone to get onto your roof.
Gutter Condition
If you haven’t gotten your gutters cleaned in a long time, odds are that there’s more debris than
normal. Depending on how bad your gutters are, your cleaner may need to take more time to get
the job done and his price may reflect this. Just another reason to have your gutters cleaned on a
regular basis!
Average Price
In a survey done across the UK with various gutter and roofing companies, the average price for
gutter cleaning in London was £150. South, SW, and Midlands ran about £125. Outer regions and
North were £95.
Specialist gutter cleaning firms were consistently cheaper than general roofers and gutterers, so
when looking for a company the rule of thumb is to go with someone who specializes specifically in
gutter cleaning. Not only will they have expertise because that’s all they focus on, but they will be
cheaper too.
Mygutterclean prides themselves on using advanced pole system techniques and years of
experience while offering competitive prices. Our quotes are honest, transparent, and are just a few
simple clicks away. Let us clean you gutters today to avoid expensive gutter and property damage.
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