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Types Of Ball And Gate Valves

Types Of Ball And Gate Valves
Floating ball valves
A floating ball valve is an accessory of the valve machine as the ball is not supported, and it
only moves in the main valve to seal the machine's pressure line. Its design is very
magnificent and performance very well irrespective of any material like plastic or steel for
the ball valve to move.
1. The most important function is that it is designed to stem and steal.
2. The ball valve also seals off the pressure of any product by using soft seats.
3. The ball valve gives its best performance with sealing off capacities.
How it was a floating ball valve works
1. The pressure works on the upper stream and also the backward side of the valves.
2. The pressure makes the immense force downwards of the valves by make it move.
3. This force results in sealing off plastic materials in the downstream seat.
1. This floating ball valves offer long durability, where one can use it for many years.
2. It comes under a variety of sizes, satisfying different variations of machines.
3. These Ball valves can be used in a varied range of industrial application and is very
Gate valve
This valve is known for its flexibility of size as it requires a minimal space where any
application can be operated. Its key feature is to eradicate the obstacles or barriers of the
fluid, such as liquid or gas.
How the gate valve works
1. The first one needs to open the gate of the valve, and automatically fluid gets
2. It works on two applications: the close gate and clockwise to close, which is CTC.
3. The other application is CTO, which is clockwise to open for restriction of fluids
4. Another important thing is to operate gate valves by inserting rectangular gates in the
path where fluid flows.
a. The sealing performance of the valve is better.
b. It has a dual flow pipeline.
Slide Gate Valve
It is another type of valve machine where the surface is plain and flat, which provides on/off
and regulates air movement by stopping the air from escaping through the valve.
How it worksa. It has double operated cylinder.
b. There is the steam pot's activation, which is known as SP, where the air is
c. There is also activation of SV, which is a slide valve where upper air pushes to
d. With this process, the steam air gets exhausted and get block by Slide Gate
Advantagesa. The slide Gate is very affordable and very convenient to calculate.
b. The total pressure loss in the machine is very minimum and does not cause
much energy.
There are different types of Slide Gate valves, which are Knife plate, Standard, Solid wedges,
Hulk plate, etc. You should know that all type of valves have their different usages depends
upon their features and on their types.