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Best Price for Lawn Mowing Services in Perth

Best Price for Lawn Mowing Services
in Perth
Jim’s Mowing – The Ultimate Lawn & Garden Care Professionals –
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Hello and thank you for visiting our lawn mowing Perth page. Running
the local franchise of Jim’s Mowing has been the best part of our life.
To us, nothing is more wasteful than allowing a great garden to
become overgrown and unusable. Renovating a garden that has been
let go, is for us a very satisfying experience.
We can also help you choose the best combination of plants for your
soil and water table. If needed, we can install irrigation to keep your
newly restored garden in tip-top shape in even the driest months.
Working in a job you enjoy is a truly wonderful experience. We just
love providing our customers with a valuable service, and we also take
great pleasure in keeping all of our equipment and tools well
maintained and in great shape. Quality tools are key in doing a job
well. By keeping our blades sharp at all times, we can make sure we
only cut the tops of your grass, and don’t damage the stem, meaning
it will stay green and straight, rather than turn brown after mowing.
Safety is something we take very seriously. We will always place
warning signs in the areas of your garden that where we are working
in, so that you, your family and your neighbours will not come to harm.
When we arrive at a customer’s home to work on their garden while
they are out, we always see this as a chance to make an impression.
Jim’s Mowing is synonymous with the smell of freshly cut grass, and
the visual impact of sharp, straight lawn edges, and the aesthetic
appeal of a well-trimmed hedge. Jim’s Mowing saves you time and
gives you back your weekends so you enjoy your own time!
For us, there is nothing better than seeing a happy customer enjoy a
garden that we have maintained for them. As part of the Jim’s Mowing
team we have a duty to carry on the tradition of providing an
exceptional garden maintenance service. With our training in safety,
and our full police check accreditation, we are a team of industrious
and trustworthy workers. When we are working on your garden, you
can trust us to do all we can to act safely and responsibly. If you would
like to find out how we can help you maintain your garden, call 131
Jim’s Mowing Perth provide the following lawn and garden services:
Edge trimming
Hedge clipping
Tree pruning & trimming
Lawn Mowing Perth
Top dressing and fertilising
Aerating of lawns
Turf laying and repair
Irrigation supply and installation
Garden maintenance
Commercial mowing
Gutter cleaning
Garden clean up
Rubbish removal