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Use Asthalin Inhaler for Breathing Problems

Use Asthalin Inhaler for Breathing
Beautiful and clear skin is a need for everyone, whether you are a male or a
female. If you are suffering from acne or your skin has dark patches you need to
get that fixed. There are medications available that can assist you to get clear and
brighter skin. You can get your healthy skin back, consult your doctor before
taking the medication because the medication may have side effects on your body.
Your doctor will guide you in a better way because they know well about your
problem. Some of the medications are listed below.
Hydroquinone Cream 4%
This cream is used to lighten the dark patches of the skin. The dark patches may
be caused by an injury to the skin, any hormonal medicine, pregnancy, birth
control pills, and various other reasons. These dark patches are also called
melisma, freckles, hyperpigmentation, liver spots, and age spots. Hydroquinone
Cream 4% performs its work by blocking the process of the skin that leads to
generating dark patches or discoloration.
How to use it?
Hydroquinone Cream 4% is needed to be applied twice a day on the affected areas
of the skin or as prescribed by your doctor. If this cream is not used properly then
it may cause unwanted skin lighting. Try to avoid the areas near your eyes, mouth,
lips, or inside your nose.
Side Effects of Hydroquinone Cream 4%
The side effects that you might face because of this cream are redness, mild
burning, dryness, stinging, blue-black darkening of the skin, skin cracking, and
blistering. If you have any of these problems in a serious condition then you
should consult your doctor.
Diane 35
This medication is used to treat a severe type of acne in a female’s body that can’t
be treated with antibiotics and any other treatment. Diane 35 works by regulating
the hormones properly that affects your skin. This medication is a combination
of two ingredients that are cyproterone and ethinyl estradiol. One thing you
should know that doesn’t start or stop taking this medication without the
consultation of your doctor.
Diane 35 is banned in USA after women died it using as a birth control pill. The
story behind it is that this pill is used to treat acne in the female body but most
doctors start recommending it as a birth control pill. This is the reason that this
drug is banned in USA.
How to use it?
The Diane 35 pill is usually taken in a cycle of 28 days. You have to consume
one tablet daily for 21 days and the rest 7 days will be a break. That means three
weeks of consumption and one week of break. You have to repeat this cycle 3-4
times or as prescribed by your doctor.
Side Effects of Diane 35
One percent of the females taking this pill have reported the side effects that are
breast pain, swelling, excess hair growth, hair loss, menstrual pain, mood swings,
nervousness, swelling of ankles or feet, weight gain or loss, and vomiting.
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