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Which wireless earbuds to choose for the PC (1)

Which wireless earbuds to choose for the
PC? Details, products, prices, reviews!
The earbuds for use with the PC can communicate with friends and colleagues on the
phone or access chats. On the market, there are numerous models able to guarantee you
maximum practicality at variable prices, which will be able to satisfy the most disparate
economic resources. But some earbuds brands are really worth it and best in the industry
Earbuds equipped with a microphone will also allow you to communicate online with those
playing with you.
Whether you are using your PC or playing on the console, you can use them to always stay
in touch with your friends. The extensive range of prices allows you to obtain a high-level
sound response even at moderate costs and will give you the possibility of having excellent
We will see the models of earbuds for the PC that you can find on the market and their
main features, allowing you to obtain high-quality devices with a truly high-level sound
The earbuds, depending on the type and shape of their pads, are divided into various
categories. There are:
The closed-ear earbuds provide high sound insulation but can be annoying for
those not accustomed to wearing them. They are preferred if you know you will
need to use them in noisy environments or if you know you will not wear them for
an extended period because they can tire. On the sound front, they tend to
emphasize low frequencies, reverbs, and musical effects, resulting not very faithful
to the original sound scene,
The open earbuds that provide maximum comfort but fail to give a reasonable
degree of sound insulation. Unlike closed models, they are more faithful and with
more faithful frequency response.
Finally, if you want a fair compromise between the qualities of closed and open models,
there are the semi-open earbuds, which offer good sound fidelity combined with good
Evaluation criteria
Before buying a pair of earbuds for your PC, it is also good to consider the following
technical characteristics that allow you to identify each model's advantages and
disadvantages. Here's what you need to know on a technical level before making a good
 The frequency response is the value that indicates the range of frequencies that
the earbuds can cover, and is expressed in Hz. The human ear can perceive a range
of frequencies ranging from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz, so most earbuds try to stick to
this range,
 Impedance is the value that indicates the resistance exerted by the earbuds on the
audio signal and is expressed in volts/ampere (ohms). The higher the impedance,
the better the sound quality. For optimal listening, the earbuds and the PC should
have the same degree of impedance,
 Sensitivity is the acoustic pressure expressed by the earbuds about the applied
voltage. In short, the higher this value, the greater the volume guaranteed by the
integrated speakers. The sensitivity value is expressed in decibels (dB).
The advantages of wireless
Why choose a wireless headset to use with your PC? Wireless earbuds are the increasingly
sought after model of earbuds, and in recent years they have had a real increase in sales.
Wireless earbuds, whether earphones or with a headband, are very comfortable and offer
excellent mobility, both at home and outdoors, especially for those who play sports or
those who use their smartphones to listen to music.
They can use different connection systems: wireless, Bluetooth, radiofrequency, or
infrared. The most popular are the Bluetooth ones that can be quickly interfaced with
other devices and have a coverage of about 10 meters.
For the PC (but also for listening to the TV at home), radio frequency (RF) earbuds are
the most commonly used because they offer a more excellent range of action, even up to
100 meters, leaving the person free to roam around the house without losing the signal.
The wireless earbuds are rechargeable and offer an excellent autonomy that can be up to
10-15 hours, depending on the model.
Microphone and controls
Most wireless earbuds have a microphone to talk to friends, and commands that allow
you to control multimedia playback and adjust the listening volume. The commands are
almost always universal, in the sense that they work the same way, regardless of the device
to which the earbuds are connected. Still, there are exceptional cases in which the
commands are compatible only with specific devices. Be well informed on this point before
making your purchase.
However, the microphone finds out about its quality, particularly about its ability
to silence the surrounding noises and return a crystal clear audio to those who are
listening to your voice.
The wireless earbuds, being wireless, all run on battery and have a variable autonomy,
depending on the model. The Bluetooth ones are powered by rechargeable
batteries (just like smartphones), they can last several tens of hours for every single
charge, and in many cases, they can also be used via cable (perhaps giving up some more
advanced functions, such as active reduction of the noise).
However, the earbuds in radio frequency and infrared can be powered by AA batteries
and AAA batteries and have these different hours of battery life.
We also remind you that some models of more advanced Bluetooth earbuds may have fast
charging systems that allow you to get many hours of autonomy in exchange for a charge
of a few minutes.