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Grow Your Business with Dedicated Social Media Packages

Grow Your Business with Dedicated Social
Media Packages
If you’re not on social media, you don’t exist. We’re not talking about private users posting
funny videos of their pets, it’s about small companies like yours trying to get ahead of the
competition. Running a business social media account is not as easy as posting memes, you need
skills and the tools to tell you what your audience is, what works and what, unfortunately,
doesn’t. Why waste all that time trying to learn the ropes of a completely different business when
you can get a social media package and let a team of professionals take care of your social media
Professional social media experts for your business
Virtually Social is a young Australian company and that has taken social media presence for
small businesses to a whole new level.
They are not your traditional Social Media Marketing Agency because they know that the secret
to building strong social media marketing for small businesses is to have a team of specialists
behind. Posting on Facebook or Instagram seems easy for the everyday person or one-person
operation social media freelancers person, but how many business owners and freelancers have
the time to study posting rules and the changing nature of algorithms to determine the best type
of content for their target audience?
Many small companies try to make it on their own with the occasional Facebook post
announcing an upcoming sale or by putting pictures of their new products on Instagram, which is
all good but hardly enough.
Even so, few have the determination to maintain a strong online presence as this takes time and
when you have a business to run that’s a valuable commodity.
How can the Virtually Social team help you
When you order on of the social marketing marketing packages from Virtually Social you can go
about your work and leave the professionals deal with your small business social media.
The experts will offer helpful suggestions to increase the visibility of your company and find the
right balance between actual promotion and offering content aimed at engaging users.
Don’t be fooled by the company’s name - virtual only refers to the media channels used to
promote a business. The rest is human - from the people who study the metrics to see how each
post is doing to those who actually create unique content for each page. This is not a one-sizefits-all sort of job. You need someone who understands your business and actively promotes it
every single day.
How to create a buzz
For instance, if you buy a premium social media package like The Virtually Social Strategic
Plan, the company will deliver content seven days a week. This is what you need. If you only
post once in a while your followers forget about you, they have plenty of other people and pages
in their feed. Your account activity will may also not meet Instagram or Facebook algorithms to
show your posts to your audience. You need to be there every single day, always surprising
them with something new.
There’s another aspect few business owners think about - engaging your followers. For most,
posting on social media is a hit-and-run thing, which is understandable, a private entrepreneur
has many other things to do besides posting on social media.
However, the people you want to attract spend time on social media because they like to
comment and ask questions, be part of the conversation. Running a successful social media
marketing means taking the time to engage in a conversation. Even a short answer matters
because that creates a relationship between your company and your followers, making them
more likely to use your products and services.
Virtually Social offers three customised plans to support small businesses with social media
content marketing so you can focus on what you do best, running your small business!