Telechargé par Zarydya

Cli-Fiction Work

Odyssey of Multiverse, by Lily the dazzling, or Lily Drownsun
“ We are the Core. A huge galactic and universal gathering of the most powerful earths, solar systems and much more. The
Lift Boosters of Arthéa Stars and the Rings Nova of Starhope, makes the Core kept going for rules the Worlds, and maybe in
the future, the Universes.
Eighty thousand years of history.
The Human Race control magic, sciences, knowledge, power and also the dust. One of the most important resources for
actually impose a vision and a supremacy on all the planets. The dust is a key for us to stabilizes our problems with the Rings
and Lifts.
We are the Core.
We are the Heart who make breath the Earths “ Here is the elegant and zealous speech, of Stelönford, in the Senate of the
What a beautiful irony to see the superhuman efforts of humans become their unstoppable executioners.
Humans have played gods, and I’m born in the flames of humans vices.
I’m the face of their corruptions.
Rise, Men, like never you’ve done.
Fight, Lady, like never you’ve done.
Time is running out.
Space, stars, galaxy’s looking at you, now.
Rise and work. Endowed with a more subtle sight, you will see all moving things.
Your mistake, humans, was not to see. Close your eyes, stay passive. The flames consume you, like the heavy clouds of your
distant past, overtaking you, devouring the spaces that separate you from death.
Of your emotional hurricanes,
Of your selfish storms,
Of your raging fires,
Of your wild wars,
Childish ashes were born,
From a universe that claims revenge.
Like the seasons broken by your burning desires,
Like the blazes gnawing at your forests,
Like the seas you have desecrated,
Like waters stained with blood and rust,
Now you are destroying the stars,
Burn the worlds that made you.
Remember :
What life gives you, death takes back.
Soon, I will be your death, grim reaper, invested with the holy mission of bringing a final answer to your delirious alchemy.
I was sleeping but you woke me up.
The Earth Remember.
I remember.
My time is come.
My name is Burn.