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Things to consider when buying sanitizers-converted (1)

Things to consider when buying sanitizers
Outbreak of Corona virus has induced universal fear and made people to think
about pro-active measures to stay safe. Of the many measures, using hand
sanitizer is an essential way to prevent the virus from spreading as well as to
maintain personal hygiene. Many discussions are already done on about sanitizers;
stores are running out of bottle, making people to panic.
CDC, the Center for Disease Control asks people to thoroughly wash their hands
with soap and water frequently. It should be done after touching surfaces that are
contaminated, while caring for sick people, after playing with pets, and before and
after meals.
Washing is not possible in all circumstances and in that case, you must use hand
gel sanitizer that include at least 60% alcohol content. In that way, you can avoid
the danger of getting sick and airing the infection. Global outbreak of Corona virus
has made many companies and brands to introduce sanitizers and hand wash
bottles in their own brand name. So, before you decide to buy a mini hand
sanitizer, you have to be clear about certain things.
Contents in the sanitizer
Alcohol based sanitizers can immediately decrease the microbes in your hand, but
it can’t remove all kinds of germs. Center of Disease Control states that the best
hand sanitizer with alcohol content between 60-95% are very effective in killing
germs than other brands that have low level alcohol content. You will find nonalcohol based sanitizers but that won’t save you from killing virus and bacteria.
See the expiry date
Look at the sanitizer sachet for expiry date, especially if they include alcohol
content. Store the product in required condition and use it well because the alcohol
with a volatile nature will slowly evaporate with time. As time passes on, your
sanitizer will lose the ability to fight bacteria and eliminate infections and other
Look for the combination
You have to read the combination included in the bottle before buying it. The best
product should have alcohol base with 60-70%. Washing hands with soap and
water for minimum 20 seconds is very effective, but it won’t be possible in all
time. For example, you are travelling and touched things all through the way. In
that situation, it is not possible to use soap and water. Here you can use sanitizers;
these can be used anywhere and anytime. Keep the bottle away from heat and store
it properly for best results.
If you are a business owner and want to warn your customers about the danger of
corona virus as well as help them stay away from being infected, you can consider
offering private label hand sanitiser printed with your brand name. There are
many manufacturers providing you brandable hand sanitiser sachets at affordable
price rates. You need to just give your brand or company name to be printed on the
sachets. You will be given quality brandable sanitizers and drink savers for
bottles. Show your customers how much you care for them in this tough period.