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0202 ‫دورة‬
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‫ آ داب وفلسفة‬:‫الشعبة‬
Part One: Reading
(15 points)
A/ Comprehension
(07 points)
Read the text carefully then do the following activities:
Corruption in the health sector can mean the difference between life and death. Poor
people are the most affected. Medical staff can charge unofficial fees to attend to patients.
They may demand bribes for medication which should be free. Corruption also costs lives
when fake adulterated medications are sold to health services.
Without governmental control, public funds can easily disappear. World Bank surveys
show that in some countries up to 80 percent of non-salary health funds never reach local
facilities. Ministers and hospital administrators who embezzle millions of dollars from
health budgets, or accept bribes give bad reputation to qualified medical staff. Stolen funds
also hamper efforts to beat major health challenges, such as Malaria and HIV/ AIDS.
Governments need to publish detailed health budgets and financial information to be
understood. As a result, we can truck funds and prevent them from being stolen. Health
workers need adequate pay and guarantees that salaries will reach them on time.
Governments need to tackle counterfeit drugs at source.
(Adapted from:
1. The text is:
a. a newspaper article
b. a report
c. a web article
2. In which paragraph is it mentioned that:
a. Health workers should be well paid in order to stop bribery?
b. Corruption in medicine affects people’s life?
3. Answer the following questions according to the text.
a. Have fake medicines a harmful impact on people’s health? Justify by quoting from
the text.
b. Which measures should be taken to eradicate corruption in medical institutions?
c. List three (3) illegal practices mentioned in the text above.
4. WHO or WHAT do the underlined words refer to in the text?
a. they (§1)
b. who (§2)
5. Copy the title you think is the most appropriate.
a. Fake Medicine.
b. Corruption and Health Services
c. Health Challenges.
c. them (§3)
B/ Text Exploration
( 08pts)
1. Find in the text words or phrases that are opposite in meaning to the following.
a. genuine (§1)
b. virtuous (§2)
c. insufficient (§3)
2. Complete the chart as shown in the example.
to corrupt
to prevent
3. Combine each pair of sentences with the connectors given between brackets.
Make changes where necessary.
a. We eradicate corruption. We cooperate with the government. (So long as)
b. Medical consultations are gratuitous. People give bribes to have health care.
c. Governments have been unable to stop the import of counterfeit products.
Governments have made a lot of efforts. (In spite of)
4. Classify the following words according to the stressed syllable.
reputation - public - worker - prevent
1st syllable
2nd syllable
3rd syllable
Part Two: Written Expression
(05 points)
Choose ONE of the following topics:
Topic one:
Corruption is an evil that must be fought now. Write a letter to your city’s Mayor
in which you suggest some effective measures to be followed in order to put an end to
this phenomenon.
The following notes may help you:
 Appoint honest servants.
 Set up tougher laws against unethical employers.
 Rehabilitate the value of work and workers.
Topic Two:
You visited Tipaza and you were fascinated by the ‘Roman Ruins’, one of the oldest and
best preserved historical sites in Algeria. Write an article of 80 to 120 words for your
school wall journal telling about your visit and how you felt in such gigantic structures.