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How does speech Recognition system work?  

How does speech Recognition system work?
Speech Recognition Online, also known as speech to text, this is the
technology which identifies speech, and which allow voice to serve as the main
interface between the human and the computer. This is the technology which is
helpful for all the age groups as it is very convenient and can develop to
advance learning in the future.
Voice is one of the basic, efficient and common form of communication method
for everyone to interact with each other. Today the speech technologies are very
easily available for a very limited but interesting range of tasks. This technology
allows machines to respond properly and dependably to human voices which
provides a useful and valuable services. Because of this communicating with
computer is faster rather than using a keyboard, so people are preferring such
system. Communication between the human being is controlled by spoken
language, hence it is natural for people to expect the same with computer. This
can becomplete by developing voice recognition online system which helps the
computer to translate the voicerequest andchangeinto text. It is the process of
changing an acoustic signal by using a microphone to a set of words and the
recorded data can be used as document preparation. It has a number of
applications for the users with and without disabilities. Speech-to-text ishelpful
for writers to boost their writing production. Even this system is helpful for
learning foreign language, useful as voice activated products for the blindand
many familiar mainstream technologies.
We have all used voice response system in our daily lives, most of the times
without even thinking about it such as phone menus and directories, dialling on
our cell phones with voice activation, and integrated voice commands on
Smartphones are kind of a few examples. Also, Medical and law professionals
use this voice recognition on daily basis to dictate notes and to transcribe
important information.Voice Over Narration can help businesses in
manytypes, as with the help of voice narration telephone transactions and
enquiries dealt with by automation and they can be received a much higher
volume and the customer can still get a welcoming and a reliable interface. This
also changed the way people handle their financial matters, as now they can just
call the bank throughthe phone and can get their bank balance, check their
balance or transfer money to another account and these all can be done within a
few minutes and everything is automated.
With the help of Professional Narrative in the business the number of
customers which can be serviced over the telephone has been greatly increased,
because of this there is no longer hold times and not leading to angry customers,
and the operating costs also get reduced. In turn this can also help to increase
profits for the company as they now have more time, and call centred staff, can
easily focus on higher value or other revenue generating calls.
It is not only helping in marketing or promotional campaign but also used to
communicate the message in case of any disaster. So that, people will be
informed about the same and hence it helps to save their lives and the loss of
property too.