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What Is The Difference Between Microblading-converted

What Is The Difference Between Microblading,
Permanent Makeup and Facial Micropigmentation?
Eyebrows play an essential role in the whole look of your face. It can build or break the
complete look. We all want to wake up with the perfect eyebrows. If you pay a little attention on
the social media influencers, there is lots of advice on getting the perfect eyebrows to
accentuate your over all facial appearance. You can find certain techniques to enhance
eyebrows, lips and eyelids, such as microblading, permanent makeup and facial
micropigmentation. Before opting for any of these treatments, it is necessary to know about
the techniques and differences between them.
Differences Based on Procedure
Micro-blading is known as a semi-permanent makeup process. Microblading uses a little
bladed pen with many micro needles to create the illusion of fine hair strokes, for this reason it is
uses mainly for eyebrows. Permanent makeup is an older technique that uses a traditional
tattoo machine, it is often done on eyebrows, lips and eyelids. Facial micropigmentation is a
new term used for SMP that is done on the face, such as the beard, moustache, and sideburns.
It also uses a traditional tattoo machine using a fine microneedle that mimics the look of hair
follicles, or dots which is different than microblading that creates fine lines.
Differences Based on Depth
Microblading deposits the ink much more shallowly into a client’s skin than permanent makeup.
The external layer of the skin is epidermis and under the epidermis is the dermis. Semipermanent makeup penetrates the skin up to the depth of 0.08 millimetre to 0.15 millimetre.
Here, the dye is placed between the epidermis and the dermis layer. Permanent makeup goes
in deeper, entering the skin with an extent of 1 millimetre, like a regular tattoo. Facial
micropigmentation does not go in as deeply as permanent makeup and is about the same depth
as microblading.
Differences Base on Ink
With microblading a semi-permanent ink is used for the procedure so that over time the ink will
naturally dissipate and disappear. Microblading usually last between one and three years and
you would need to redo the area again. Permanent makeup uses permanent ink that is meant
to stay for life, once it’s done, you don’t need to do it again. Facial micropigmentation uses a
special ink that is also used in SMP scalp micropigmentation. FMP last eight to fifteen years
without needing another touch-up.
Differences in Appearance
Permanent makeup is a cosmetic technique that is done on the eyebrows, lips, and eyelids.
Microblading is done mainly on the eyebrows and hairlines to add density.
micropigmentation is often done on beards, moustache and sideburns to add density to those
areas. The main difference in appearance can be seen on the eyebrows between these
techniques. Permanent makeup on the eyebrows creates a thick solid line and often looks
unnatural. In comparison, microblading creates fine lines that resemble actual hairs. For
eyebrows, microblading is the preferred choice because of the realism it creates. Facial
micropigmentation creates tiny dots that resemble hair follicles, so it is not ideal for eyebrows.
FMP is ideal to camouflage scars on beards and moustache areas.
Difference in Longevity
The most significant difference between permanent makeup and microblading is the longevity of
the ink that stays in your skin. Permanent makeup is called permanent makeup because it lasts
as long as regular tattoos, which is for life. Microblading on the other hand is called semipermanent because it will start to fade and disappear after one to three years. FMP usually lasts
somewhere in between.
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