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What happens in a routine examination and dental emergency

What happens in a routine examination
and dental emergency
It is suggested that you should visit the dentist every 6 months. These visits are very
important for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.
What happens in a routine dental examination?
1. Examination of gums.
2. Examining the signs of gum diseases.
3. Checking the health of teeth.
4. Evaluating the tongue.
5.Looking for evidence of tooth decay.
6. Taking X-rays of mouth.
7. Checking of a broken or loose tooth.
8. Examining the changes in gums and teeth.
9.Evaluating any surgery or tooth filings you have had
We all know that an emergency is an unexpected and serious occurrence, and often
a dangerous situation requiring immediate action. Accidents, natural disasters, and
health emergencies are considered as an emergency. We keep knowledge about
what to be done in a health emergency, but what about a dental emergency, what is
it? how does it occur and what is to be done when it occurs? If you have experienced
a heavy injury to your mouth, having excess swelling or sudden increase infection,
also dental emergencies can be stated as life-threatening and require immediate
treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding. you should be seen by a dentist
It is also very important to keep a note of Local Emergency Dentist and Emergency
Dentist Saturday in case of emergency occurs.
Also, it is very important to understand the difference between a basic dental issue
that could wait until morning and a real emergency that can threaten your health.
Signs of a Dental emergency:
Severe pain and bleeding are a sign of an emergency.
If you just lost a tooth? Fast treatment can even save your tooth.
As an adult, do you have a loose tooth? Adults should never loose teeth, a
loose tooth even without pain is a serious problem.
A serious infection in the mouth can be life-threatening, and the treatment
should not wait. Signs like swelling or knots in the gums or swelling around the face
can be because of an infection.
Bleeding from the mouth is a very serious emergency.
A cracked tooth can lead to infection
If the dental work is Loosing, missing, or falling out, it should be repaired, to
keep the tooth structure healthy.
If your problem could wait till you meet a dentist in a couple of days, it isn’t a dental
A chipped tooth is an emergency if the fracture is very painful or cause
trauma inside the mouth, but If the chipped or cracked tooth does not hurt or being
felt, it could wait.
A toothache can also wait until it doesn’t cause severe pain and does not
have symptoms of swelling around the face.
Common dental emergencies, where you have to find an Emergency Dentist near
Knocked-out tooth - a quick action after a tooth has been knocked out, the
dentist can reinsert and preserve the tooth.
Cracked or chipped tooth - if you have a very painful fracture, clean your
mouth with warm water. Avoid taking painkillers or numbing gel as it may damage
your gums.
Abscessed tooth - a dental abscess is a serious and life-threatening
condition, it is a pus infection in the mouth. A tooth abscess may cause fever, a
continuous toothache, swelling in the face, or a bump on the gums near the infected
Be prepared for the emergency by finding, Emergency Dentist Near Me.