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Cosmetic Tooth Bonding Veneers teeth and Invisalign

Cosmetic Tooth Bonding, Veneers teeth,
and Invisalign
●Cosmetic Tooth Bonding or Cosmetic Dental Bonding:
This is a cosmetic procedure, it is the best solution for chipped, cracked, decayed, or
discolored tooth, to get back your confidence and flash your smile.
Cosmetic Dental Bonding is the application of composite resin, composite resins are
a set of dental revitalizing materials which is a mixture of organic and inorganic
components. This is applied to the surface of the tooth to repair. It is a simple,
inexpensive dental which could usually be completed in a single visit.
Cosmetic Tooth Bonding is also used to close the large spaces in between the teeth,
change the shape of teeth, or make teeth appear longer.
Taking care of the bonded tooth is very necessary as the bonding is prone to staining
substances like tea, coffee, smoking cigarette, and consuming wine. It is especially to
avoid consuming staining foods for 48 hrs after any procedure.
In the following days when bonding is placed, if you notice sharp edges on the
bonded teeth, or if the bonding chips or fall, you should have a dentist appointment
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Veneers teeth:
Dental Veneers are a permanent change used to correct tooth imperfections like
stained or chip teeth. They are thin porcelain or composite resin coverings that are
bonded to the front surface of the tooth using dental cement.
Which problems do Dental Veneers fix?
❖Whitening the smile - years of drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes, or eating highly
pigmented food, turns the teeth into an unattractive shade of yellow. Veneers teeth
are mostly stain resistant, so you don’t have to worry about discoloration.
❖Fixing of minor cosmetic problems - veneers fix the chips, cracks, gaps between
teeth, minor misalignment, and discoloration,
❖Replacement of damaged enamel - enamel is strong but not indestructible.
Enamel is worn down by excessive brushing and eaten away by high acidic foods and
drinks, so fortunately veneers can replace it.
Veneers teeth require 3 trips to the dentist - 1 for consultation and 2 for making and
applying of Veneers teeth.
Veneers cost between $8000 - $20000 in Dental Veneers Houston or Veneers In
Houston TX.
Benefits of Veneers teeth :
They provide a natural tooth appearance, gums tolerated porcelain well, so get your
porcelain veneers at
Porcelain Veneers Houston. Also, porcelain veneers are
stain-resistant. Veneers do not require as much shaping as the tooth crown, yet
veneers are stronger and look better.
● Invisalign:
Invisalign is an orthodontist treatment that is used to achieve a more beautiful smile.
Invisalign is for those people with a mild to moderate misalignment and is also used
to align a bite. The process is done by using clear plastic aligner trays, to gradually
move the teeth into proper alignment. This is done wearing the tray for 20 hours a
Invisalign uses removable trays to straighten the teeth instead of braces, it provides
a precise treatment, the trays are made using digital imaging.
The patient has to wear each tray for two weeks to progress on the next tray.
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