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The different types of braces

The Different Types Of Braces
Do you have crooked or cracked teeth? You must then have visited emergency dentist near
me to find a cure for it. The cure for crooked or cracked teeth as per orthodontist near me is
opting for dentures, dental braces, dental crowns and dental implants. Experts at dental
offices near me state that the dental braces are the best economical way of treating the
chipped or broken teeth. If your planning to opt for dental braces, then you need to know
about them. Here is a list of the different types of dental braces.
4 types of dental braces
Dental braces are devices used to correct crowded or crooked teeth, or a misaligned jaw,
known as malocclusion. Here are the different types of dental braces.
Metal/ Traditional braces
These are metal brackets and wires and serve as the traditional braces. With the advancement
of technology now traditional braces have been given a touch of modernity and look smaller
and are less noticeable. The new heat-activated archwires make use of body heat to help the
teeth move more quickly and less painfully. These are the last expensive type of braces.
Even traditional braces colour give the kids a chance to express themselves freely. Metlife
dental professionals state that metal braces are fixed onto the teeth and are secured with wire
and elastic ties made of rubber. Even in a place of elastic ties, self-ligating brackets are used
to clip onto the wire.
Ceramic braces
These braces as same sized as metal braces except for the fact that they are tooth-coloured.
These have clear brackets that blend into the teeth. Some of these braces also make use of
tooth-coloured wires to be less noticeable. As per dental office experts, the ceramic braces
move the teeth much faster than clear plastic aligners. These types of braces are more
expensive than metal braces. The brackets of these braces tend to stain if proper care is not
taken. The ceramic braces are made in a manner that they mathe with the shade of the teeth.
Lingual braces
These are same as traditional metal braces, except that the brackets and wires are placed on
the inside of the teeth. These types of braces are invisible from the outside. These braces are
difficult to clean and are expensive. The can be uncomfortable at first, and regular
adjustments of them take a longer period. These types of braces are used for cosmetic
purposed and usually lengthen the time for treatment.
Invisalign consist of a series of 18-30 custom- made mouth guard-like clear plastic aligners.
The aligners are removable and need to be replaced every two weeks. These types of braces
are invisible and allow the patient to eat and drink whatever they desire. Invisalign does not
work for serious dental problems and are only suited for adults and teens. These types of
braces are not suited for children and are expensive. Invisalign also is an expensive option
and can be easily lost and are costly to replace.
So this is all about the different types of braces. For more information about braces, visit
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