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What is a clean room

Features of clean room for renting
What is a clean room?
A clean room (or clean area) is essential for industries. It is an environment in which the
cleanliness of the air and other parameters are controlled, monitored, and recorded
(temperature, humidity, pressure, particles, and airflow). This allows products to be
manufactured in the most hygienic way possible. In this way, modifications to the product are
prevented, and it is guaranteed that it reaches the final consumer with quality and
safety. Fume hood is used in a clean hat.
Maintaining a place prepared for handling medicines and products of different genres is
essential. And clean rooms are ideal for preserving the microbiological and physical qualities
of products. In other words, the environment is designed so that the conditions of texture,
coloring, consistency, among others, are not changed. Besides, precisely because it is a
controlled environment, there is no contamination in the production process. Fume hood is
very primarily used in clean rooms.
The origin of clean rooms
Originated inside hospitals, the concept of clean rooms did not appear "today." It emerged
centuries ago, with surgeons who were largely responsible for what we know today as a clean
When noticing that bacteria were responsible for causing infections, it was necessary to
develop solutions to combat such microorganisms. Therefore, they developed a solution with
phenolic acid, which was used to sterilize the instruments used, when hand washing and
spraying the solution in the environment. In this way, the risk of infections and contamination
was reduced with the use of antiseptic.
To arrive at the method that is currently used, it took years of study and research on
improvements to the controlled environment. The low hood is very popularly used in clean
rooms.Clean Environment Room For Rent
Clean room materials
To define which materials will be needed to be used in a clean room project, it is necessary to
carry out the analysis and have knowledge of the activities that will be carried out in the
environment. In production areas, for example, it is common to use partitions, doors, white
steel sheet lining, stainless steel, and glass displays.
Classification of clean rooms
The classification of the levels of a clean room is obtained through analyzes in relation to the
purity of the indoor air, that is, the concentration of particles per unit of volume of air and the
application of its standards.
In this way, it is possible to verify which air conditioning system is the most suitable, in order
to maintain a stable temperature, control the humidity level and ensure air quality, so that the
environment can contain the size of the suspended particles.
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