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Information about various stainless steel products-converted

Information about various stainless steel products
Range of Butt Weld Fitting welding fittings
Butt is the right weld: Group participates in manufacturing a wide range of Butt Weld Fitting
welding fittings Stainless Steel buttweld fittings which are available in different types like L /
R & S / R elbow, bending reducers, concentric and eccentric reducers, which reduces angle and
tangle, cross and caps.
These formulations are obtained from reliable suppliers, and they are highly known for their high
tensile strength, durability, and precise composition. These find the application in many
industries such as oil and gas, automobiles, acids, chemical, pharmaceutical, and cement
industries. We are known for our appropriate butt-welding cutters. Sizes: 1/2 "note - 48" note
wall thickness available: Table 10s - Table XXS Standard Dimensions: ANSI B16.9, MSS SP
43. Short cut stainless-steel butt-welding fittings, elbow 90 °, 1/2 "to 60", sch40 / sch80, sch160,
XXS B16.
Pipe Fittings
Manufacturers, one of the top market players, presents a range of metal components that
comprise beautifully designed Fittings. We offer flanges, threaded as well as socket welded
forged pipes, buttweld pipes, tri-clover fittings, and many more. Stainless Steel Pipe products
are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel that ensures durability, reliability, and
Stainless Steel Couplings
Fabricated to precision, the range of stainless steel couplings are made using superior grade steel
as well as iron. Widely used in the modern automotive industry as a significant component, these
couplings can be fitted for all well known vehicles like Tata, Swaraj Mazda, buses, Leyland, and
many others. These couplings are in full confirmation with the national as well as international
Stainless Steel Nut Bolt
Manufacturers provide clients with a wide range of Stainless Steel Nut Bolt that comes in varied
forms like nuts, bolts, and many others. Exhibiting the features of superier tensile strength and
durability, these fasteners are developed by several manufacturers like GKW, Unbrako, Kundan,
APL, and Sundaram Precision. These fasteners are available for all clients in different sizes and
dimensions and can be tailored according to the clients' specific requirements.
Stainless Steel flanges
The reliable and highly efficient manufacturer of stainless steel flanges is made using superior
grade stainless steel forging as well as bar. These stainless steel flanges are used in various
industries and can be tailor-made to the industry's needs.
Range: Upto 1500 NB From in 150, 300, 600, 900, 1500 and 2500 LBS supplied with NACE
MR 01-75
Stainless Steel round bar
The experts applying their years of experience are manufacturing high-grade stainless Steel Tube
Fittings. These are built for various reasons, such as resisting oxidation, corrosion, high
temperature, and maintaining cleanliness. The low price for repair and maintenance of these
fittings makes all products a desirable one in the present market. Tube fittings are specially
designed to support the pipes at bends as well as curves. These fittings are available in various
shapes such as tee shape, 90° elbow, 45° elbow, reducers, round cap, stub end, and many other