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Stainless steel information-

Know the Your Steel Pipe and Its Qualities
Stainless steel was invented 100 years ago by chance, in 1913 by an English
metalworker named Harry Brearley who was experimenting with steel alloys to create
pistol barrels. He was testing and throwing them in the yard of the ship that he had,
after a few months, he saw that all the waste he had rusted except one, this was dated
and said that it contained 14% chromium. That fact gave rise to stainless steel.
Stainless steel is an alloy made mainly of steel, chromium and nickel. By combining
these materials, we make very high corrosion resistance.
Since the chromium, when in contact with the oxygen, creates a passive layer that does
not affect external agents except for some acids such as reliable water and lower the
chlorides—the Carbon steel pipe also the very high stand of steel pipe that use in
industrial productions.
This passive layer of a53 grade b protects against corrosion. Therefore, it is resistant to
oxidation and corrosion, which distinguishes it from other metals.
It is necessary to know that there are only two materials that do not affect corrosion:
gold and platinum. All other metals are affected by a higher or less degree of corrosion
effects. The a106 grade b and A335 P11 are very commonly used in many core sector
Stainless steel pipes do not have a coating, and this will always be the same quality.
There is a material covered with protective or decorative layers, and stainless steel still
shines according to the finish given in the factory. 304 Stainless Steel Pipe is one of the
great and useful pipes in various industries.
Two groups in stainless steel are elementary to differentiate.
Stainless steel square tubes are what works in our company, these have a specificity
that magnets do not adhere, which means that if the magnet does not adhere, it is an
excellent material.
Alloy steel pipes are alloy tubes because they have nickel, and nickel is quality because
it does not rust stainless steel and is not easy to oxidize or corrode. Magnets are glued to
these steels.
Advantages of stainless steel
The SS 316L pipe gives the maximum hygiene.
The high quality of a333 grade 6 has less adherence of dirt and external agents.
Quick cleaning of the surface.
The A335 P22 have Great durability.
The SS 316 Pipe needs to the minimum maintenance.
Different finishes: Satin, polished or vibrated.
Avant-garde aesthetics.
The stainless steel pipe has a high heat resistance of
Resistance to humid environments.
Care and maintenance of stainless steel
We will take special care not to use:
Lullabies or scouring pads that can scratch the surface.
Abrasive products such as ammonia, reliable water, and products that carry
more than 20% chlorine.
Do not put wet iron products, as it can adhere to stainless steel.
Clean in the direction of the sandpaper or beta.
Do not hit.