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art1. How to choose the sanitizer-

How to choose the sanitizer?
The Hand Gel Sanitizer has become an important product in our day to day life. We take it with us;
we meet it at the entrance of the establishments we go to. The consumption of these gels has
exploded since the health authorities said that maintaining hand hygiene was essential for our
But there are many different gels, how to know which is the ideal one to finish that we are as
protected as possible?
Bactericidal or virucidal
First of all, we must differentiate its function; we must know how to distinguish whether the gel is
against bacteria or against viruses. A bactericidal gel repels and fights bacteria, but does it protect
us against the coronavirus? Being a virus, we need a virucidal gel. In general, if the Sanitizer Sachet
has 70% alcohol, it already has a bactericidal, tuberculicidal and viricidal capacity, so if it has this
proportion of alcohol, it will protect us from the virus. A look at the composition of the gel will help
you identify its function:
Chlorhexidine: it only has a bactericidal action and is used to disinfect wounds.
Benzalkonium Chloride: Although some disinfecting gels include it, it is not the most effective
Ethanol: it is the substance that has shown more viricidal activity.
The Best Hand Sanitizer are those that contain ethanol with a concentration greater than 60%.
Ethanol has a broader activity against viruses than other types of alcohols such as propane. Ethanol
fights most of the viruses relevant to our health.
But how does alcohol work against viruses? The alcohol destroys the capsule that protects the
genetic material of the virus, to the destroy the capsule, the virus loses the ability to infect other
cells and thus dies.
Manufacturers incorporate other ingredients to hydrate the skin and prevent it from drying out due
to the effect caused by alcohol on our skin. In many gels, we often find panthenol, glycerin, jojoba or
aloe vera. As a general rule, the denser the Hand Sanitizer, the more of these substances it will
include. This means that the viscosity of the gel will not influence the effectiveness against viruses,
but has to do with the moisturizing substances it includes.
It is important to read the Hand Sanitiser Sachets labeling in order to know its composition and
check, with the data we have given you, whether it will have virucidal activity or not. But it is
important to also check that the manufacturer shows the registration number of the AEMPS
(Evaluation Agency of Medicines and Health Products) to know if the product is approved by the
health authorities.
The hydro alcoholic gel should not be taken as a substitute for soap. We should continue to wash
our hands assiduously. The difference between sanitizing gel and soap is that in addition to
disinfecting, it also cleans. A Mini Hand Sanitizer applied to dirty hands is ineffective, since dirt
creates a protective layer for viruses, therefore, for gels to be effective, they must be applied to
clean hands. For this reason, gels are a perfect company when we leave the house, but whenever we
can, it is better to clean our hands with soap and water.