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Built Single or Double Storied Portable Home

Built Single or Double Storied Portable Homes
It is not easier to build portable homes in cities. These kinds of homes that are factory built are mostly
found in counties, towns, and countryside. So, if you want to live in the countryside, surrounded by
the lot of nature and environment that is fresh and less toxic, compared to the cities, then you will
need these kinds of homes built. They are built in a less than stipulated time and also, the labor
required to build this kind of homes is less and inexpensive. Most of these homes are built in wood
and stainless steel. They are not built with brick and mortar. So, you will not find concrete walls and
tile flooring, but most of the fittings like tap, electrical connections, etc. are permanent. These homes
with good quality Wall Formwork are directly fixed to the ground.
Portable homes cost lesser than custom homes
Most of the concrete and mortar homes cost a lot, especially, because of the amount of labor and
material used. Also, the floor plan of most of these homes build with Modular Formwork is very
simple. You cannot get a lot of designing done when you want to build these kinds of homes. Their
basic structure is geometrical, and most of the layout of these kinds of homes is standard. You will
have to spend a lot of money if you also want to focus on the designing part of these homes. You will
get a wooden floor, insulated walls, aluminum windows, modular kitchen cabinets, basic fittings for
bathrooms, etc. There is nothing fancy about these homes, except that they are robust and easily built
for a very less cost and within a lesser duration.
Features of transportable homes
You can have a single stored, or a multi-storied transportable home built with advanced level
of Timber H-Beamwhich is good enough. Once you build them, you can also add and cut
down any extensions to these homes. The standard design of these kinds of homes involves a
kitchen, three bathrooms, a living room, a garage, etc.
You can get insulated sliding windows, walls and ceilings that have lining and are plaster
boarded with the protective material. It will prevent wear and tear or leak in any weather
conditions. You can even think about the benefits of Deck System for Slab. They will also be
painted in any of the premium acrylics, or enamel paints. You will get three coats of painting
for the entire wall and ceiling.
The builders will provide you with a range of tap ware, shower settings and accessories, and many
other bathroom fittings along with the facility of H-20 Beam. They also provide décor items, such as,
mirrors, shower screens, wall mounted fans, water heating units, etc. Also, you could choose
cupboards, and wall mounted drawers for your bathrooms from the available options from the
builders. All the shelves, wardrobes, etc. will be installed as a single unit that can be easily removed
and shifted.