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Top 5 Affordable Gyms North Miami

Top 5 Affordable Gyms North Miami
Are you overweight? Planning to start with the gymming sessions to get back in shape. Are
you tight on the budget? In this monetized world, where everything comes with a hefty price
tag, saving bucks becomes a significant issue. Being tight on a budget means cutting out the
additional expenses and the gym fees, addons to the costs. However, not always being tight
on a budget means cutting no gym classes. The magic city has gym classes that fit within
every pocket. There are several affordable gyms in North Miami that you can hit when on
a budget.
So if you're looking for those budget-friendly gyms in Miami, then this post is meant for
you. Here is a list of some of the best cost-effective gym classes.
Top 5 Cheap Gyms In Miami
Miami is known as the magic city as it never tends to disappoint anyone. It has something or
the other for every budget. When talking about gyms, it even houses budget-friendly fitness
centres. If your looking for those cost-friendly gym classes then here is a list of the best ones
in town.
1. Shula's Athletic Club
Situated at Miami lakes, Shulas Athletic Club is a premiere gym in the city. The club is
known for providing elevated health experiences. Shula's Athletic Club is the best gyms in
Miami as it allows for the indoor basketball court, outdoor swimming pool and all of it at as
cost of $59 per month. Another aspect of the gym is that it has an indoor spa where you can
pamper your senses post-workout.
2.Planet Fitness
For $10 per month, Planet fitness is amongst the most cheap gyms in Miami. Enrolling in
the gym gives you a month's access to the cardio equipment and the weight room. The
trainers at the gym offer 30minute classes a day. Purchasing a black card which is priced at
$19.99 gives you access to unlimited massages, tanning and salon sessions.
3. David Barton Gym
If you're looking for affordable gyms in Brickell, then David Barton Gym is your answer.
The gym offers a plethora of fitness regimes including boxing, yoga, fight training, pilates
and cycling. A monthly membership at the gym costs $139 and gives you access to
basketball, squash court, physical therapy, steam room and sauna.
4. Crunch
Need gyms in south beach Miami then consider giving Crunch a try. A months membership
at the gym costs $76.99. The membership gives you access to cardio equipment, weight
machines, personal training and the spa. The gym offers classes from yoga to cycling
5. Miami iron gym
If you're into bodybuilding, then Miami Iron Gym is meant for you. With a monthly
membership priced at $39, it proves to be one of the most budget-friendly gyms in
Miami for bodybuilders. The membership gives you 24 hours access to the gym and its
So these are a few affordable gyms of Miami. For more information on the gyms, visit