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What and where to eat in Singapore-converted

What and where to eat in Singapore
Singapore is a food lover's paradise. There are all kinds of cuisine that you want to try and the
restaurants are entertaining. It is that eating out here is a panorama in itself.
Also, you don't have to be a millionaire to eat in Singapore, but you should know where to look.
Because there are a lot of luxury restaurants, which are very good and very expensive. But there
are also many other markets, places and small restaurants where you can eat well and for little
Know The Gastronomy And The Food Of Singapore
One of the first things that surprise us when we travel to Singapore is the rich variety of flavors
that its cuisine has. Reflecting the country's ethnic and cultural diversity, Singapore's cuisine is
based on the mixture of the gastronomic roots of the different immigrant communities that
settled in the area, immigrants from China, India and Malaysia.
This makes enjoying Pulut Hitam Recipe one of the best things we can do in Singapore. To
give you an idea of the flavors that await you, we leave you with the following information about
Singapore food and its most typical dishes.
Singapore Food - Typical Singapore Cuisine Dishes
As in the rest of the countries of Southeast Asia, Singaporean food is especially enjoyed in its
street stalls. In Singapore, many of these street stalls are located in the famous Hawkers Center
(Foods Courts) or group of restaurants with a common eating area. These Hawkers Centers are
one of the emblems of the gastronomy and culture of the country because they can be used to try
any of the most typical dishes of their cuisine (especially Chinese - Cantonese and Malay). The
best things about these Hawkers Centers are their cheap prices and best Easy Butter Chicken
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Hainanese Chicken: Steamed chicken with rice and various sauces. It is possible to order
it with boiled or toasted skin. You must try it.
Crab: Crab is the most typical dish in Singapore. The so-called "Chilli Crab" is Cangrejo
al chili.
Hokkien Prawn Mee- Singapore Fried Prawn Noodles: Thai pad thai noodles
Satay: As if they were skewers in Spain and they are beef, lamb, chicken or pork with
Char KwayTeow: rice pasta with garlic, meat, shrimp and various sauces.
Laksa: Rice noodle soup with a very spicy sauce.
Nasi Campur Recipe
Rojak: Asianstyle salad
Chicken Rice: the classic chicken rice.
Roti Prata: original dish from India is a kind of bread spread in sauces and curries.
Chai tow kway- Fried Carrot Cake: Fried carrot cake.
Fish Head Curry: Spicy dish made with the head of the fish.
Where to Eat in Singapore?
If you want to know where to Eat in Singapore, then search on Google and you find a huge list
of restaurant where you can get tasty food at reasonable rates.