What Are Semi-Precious Gemstone

What Are Semi-Precious Gemstone?
Traditionally, the distinction between valuable gemstones and semi-precious gemstones
based on the gems’ features and its classification. Gems that were unique and not easily
accessible to the masses were counted, 'precious', in the frame because they were hardly
recognized outside of the connoisseurs who endeavored them out. The value, plus exclusivity
of these jewels is what secured them highly craved position. The privileged people who
decorated themselves in precious gems in earlier times were the nobles who were able to
support such extravagances. In contradiction, semi-precious gemstones were recognized
more for being organic or owning healing properties rather than for their value.
Precious Gems
Startlingly, the first five expensive gems were diamonds (of course), emeralds, rubies,
sapphires, and amethysts (which were later removed because they became too common to be
classified as a precious gemstone). Now, if one attributes to a precious gem, it is considered
to be one of the four before mentioned. Quality forms still command top prices, but some
would claim that the price of diamonds is more relevant to the supply rather than their
appreciative beauty. Although diamonds are yet quite revered, emeralds and rubies can also
be remarkably expensive, particularly if they are perfect and of fine color. Both are supposed
very exotic stones. Sapphires, though most generally thought of as a deep blue stone, really
come in a mixture of colors that are very expensive, with prices set at a premium. The
amethyst, with its deep, tempting purple color is a part of the quartz family and is supposed
to have healing properties. Some healing stones like natural rainbow moonstone, natural
pink tourmaline, and natural London blue topaz has shown mystic qualities on the
wearer, we consider them as therapeutic stones also.
Semi-Precious Gemstones
The list of semi-precious gemstones category could actually stretch beyond 130, but ones
that are usually used and come to consciousness in today's jewelry-making process are pink
topaz, peridot, rainbow moonstone, agate, synthetic opal, jade, coral, tanzanite,
alexandrite, lab-created white sapphire or lab-created diamond and all of the constituents
of the birthstone family related to the zodiac, Although some gems are classified as semiprecious stones, their rarity makes them charge prices as high as rubies and sapphires. In
today's demand, you can obtain gems like topaz or apatite attractively combined with
diamonds to generate very attractive semi-precious gemstone jewelry pieces.
Though many people still seek out high-quality jewelry at affordable prices, the variation
between precious and semi-precious is no longer precisely made. This is expected to the
previous distinction between the two have more of a traditional context and not particularly
pensive of gems’ true value. There are many pieces of fine jewelry that are now made with
semi-precious gemstones such as topaz, jade, or synthetic opal that can be quite costly.
The excellence of semi-precious gems rests in their rich history and their ability to be
blended with other precious or semi-precious pieces to build unique, multi-colored gemstone
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