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A few things about Psychedelics

A few things about Psychedelics
Psychedelics - translated from Greek as “clear mind " - a type of narcotic psychoactive
substances , the use of which causes a transition to altered states of consciousness ,
expanding the boundaries of habitual perception.
Psychedelics include various synthetic and semi-synthetic substances found in some
mushrooms, peyote cactus and other plants.
The impact of legal psychedelics for sale is perceived by a person as a state similar to a
dream, trance, and meditation. This state of mind is characterized by unexpected emotional
The most common psychedelics for sale are LSD and mescaline. It was during their study in
the 50s of the last century that the scientific term "psychedelic" was introduced, replacing the
outdated names “hallucinogen” and “sci-fi.”
After World War II, legal psychedelics for sale usa were used for medicalpurposes. The
boom in the use of psychedelics as a means of changing consciousness occurred in the 60s,
which is associated with various youth subcultures (hippies, beatnies, etc.
Psychedelics have been known to mankind for several millennia. Their use was associated
both with traditional medicine and with various religious and shamanistic cults. It should be
noted that the use of psychedelic drugs in traditional cultures was strictly regulated,
associated with numerous taboos. For example, ordinary people could use them only at
certain times (for example, on a religious holiday), and shamans used such substances only in
the conduct of rituals (rituals, etc.). In this context, psychedelics are also called entheogens.
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The action of legal psychadelics can be described as turning off filters that filter out various
signals that the consciousness in its usual state considers unnecessary (feelings, emotions,
memories, fantasies, etc.). Getting into an altered state of consciousness, a person begins to
perceive all these signals . The possibilities of logical and abstract thinking are declining,
illogical thinking comes to the fore .
Effects of psychedelics:
The legal psychedelic cause the following effects: illusions, negative feelings (fear,
depression), or vice versa (euphoria, peace), impaired coordination, hallucinations. Very
sharp transitions between negative and positive states are possible. It should be noted the
phenomenon of identity - the cohesion of sensations obtained from various senses.
It is important to note that outside observers can direct and influence visions. When using
legal psychedelics usa, spontaneous establishment of logical connections between random
objects in the mind can occur. As a result, a person finds an unexpected solution to the
problem, makes a discovery that is inaccessible to him in the usual state of consciousness.
Symptoms of taking psychedelics
If we talk about the physical symptoms of taking legal pycheldelic, it should be noted that
sympathetic and parasympathetic reactions may prevail or alternate. The first is characterized
by a rapid pulse, an increase in blood pressure, dilated pupils, etc. In the second case,
opposite symptoms are observed - a slowing of the pulse and a drop in pressure, tearing,
salivation, etc.
In conclusion, it must be said that although legal psychedelic drugs are a powerful tool for
spiritual search, their action is harmful to human health, and abuse leads to degradation rather
than spiritual growth. This problem is especially strong in modern society, where the
prohibition of psychedelics turns them into the coveted “forbiddenfruit.”